Pakistan: See, the rare sculptures of Buddha in the Bhamla Stupa

Bhalma Stupa is in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district, located in the north-western part of Pakistan. Bhamba was discovered in 1929 by the British archaeologist Sir John Marshall.
Archaeologists believe that 2300 years ago, Buddhism was in control of this region. In this ancient Buddhist site, about 500 items of Buddha’s time have been found.
It is the only statue of all idols, whose head is retained in its place. Here the idol is considered non-Islamic. And there is such a perception that destroying the head is a great job.
The remains of the statue of Buddha, located 14 meters long in the temple, have been found. This is the third century. Archaeologists say that this kind of this is the oldest statue in the world.
The Department of Archeology of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa started working in this area in 2012. And then came to know about this Buddhist monastery. It is believed that this monastery was built around the fourth century. When Hun had advanced from this area to attack India, then they had destroyed it.
Stupa is located near Khanpur dam. The government wants to make it a popular tourist destination but due to the bad roads here tourists are unable to come here.
Bhumala Stupa has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The items found at the time of excavation have been dispatched to different museums of the district. In recent times the treasure hunters broke it

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