My name had fallen only Sweaterman: Rishi Kapoor

_101048136_amitabhbachchanandrishikapoorin102notout.jpgFamous actor Rishi Kapoor does not like young actors today to share his thinking on Twitter and share his thoughts on Twitter.

They say that most actors want to learn everything except acting.

Speaking , Rishi Kapoor said, “What is the relationship between the bodybuilding act and what relationship with the role of horse riding and fencing?”

They give instruction, “Make the muscles of the face before making the muscles of the body. Learn acting. Today, actors first take their shirts, which are not tusks.”

‘I do not need a dispute at this age’

Pak fans get angry with Rishi Kapoor’s tweet
‘I danced near the trees’
Rishi Kapoor says that in today’s era ‘Only the same actors will be able to work which are good actors. The artists who are mediocre, will disappear even if there is no speciality in any other work. However, he regretted that when an actor succeeds in doing one thing, then it becomes a trend in the industry.

Rishi Kapoor believes that he is not appreciated as an actor and he is responsible for it. He says that he did not do anything new to the audience and the critics. ‘

He says, “I was romancing with heroine, dancing around trees, singing songs in Ooty, Kashmir and Switzerland. In my whole world, my name was sweaterman, I have never been a different character. Given to my contemporary actors to meet different types of characters. ”

102 year old Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor of 75
‘My Style was not because I was a Natural Actor’
Rishi Kapoor says, “I am not complaining about this, my 25-year-long romantic career was not even the biggest star, but I was one of the five big actors. Dev Anand Sahib, Jitendra Jee, Kakaji (Rajesh Khanna) and even Bachchan Saheb also took a three-year break, and today the film industry has all three Khans (Amir Khan, Salman Khan and Shah). Kids Khan) has worked for 25 years as easy to do so today. ”

Rishi Kapoor also believes that there was no style in his acting but he is a natural actor. He says, “The actors whose style was probably as unsafe as an artist, so they had to resort to style”.

Rishi Kapoor, who is standing at the best stage of his career, is happy that he is now getting a chance to play different types of helm, which he did not find in his earlier days.

He says that in that period, three or four movies of every actor were either linked to the separation or the story of the rich and poor.

Why is Rishi Kapoor losing to Pakistan?
Rishikesh-Gulzar did not get the chance to work with

According to Rishi Kapoor, Rishikesh Mukherjee and Gulzar were making different films in that period but they did not get the chance to work with them because they had other actors.

Rishi Kapoor believes that in today’s era, multiplexes have been opened and a sensitive spectator with a desire to watch a good cinema has become the place to watch the movie.

He says, “This is the reason why actors like me are getting a chance to make it different, otherwise the actors had to retire from films at forty-five years of age.”

Rishi Kapoor, talked with Sunil Grover
‘People want to see me and Amitabh together’

Rishi Kapoor has decided that he will not make a serpent of hero-heroine father.

They say that they just want to separate differently and want to look different in each of their pockets. They believe that even today viewers like to see them and Amitabh Bachchan together on the big screen.

After 27 years, Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor will be seen together again in “102 knot out” in the cradle of father-son.

Amitabh Bachchan’s age is 102 in this film and he is the father of 75 year old Rishi Kapoor. This film made by Umesh Shukla will be released on May 4

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