Korea Conference: Will come a long peace from this historic Meet

_101095986__101089219_hi046446733.jpgOn Friday, the dramatic meeting between South Korean President Moon Jie-in and his North Korean counterpart, Chairman Kim Jong-them, clearly shows a historic achievement.

As a symbol of at least bilateral mail and in the case of the people of South Korea, it is a success in filling emotional glee.

But the question remains that what has been said about the integration of peace, prosperity and integration of Korea into the new agreement in Panamunjom, will both the Korea and the world community go towards lasting peace?

The North Korean leader can not be underestimated for the first time, the symbolic effect of keeping the footprint of South Korea on the ground.

Kim Jong-his courageous decision to enroll in full confidence in enemy territory shows his courageous decision to show how confident the young dictator is inside and how well he understands the political drama and its timing.

Korean countries integration?
As soon as Kim Jong-ins invited South Korea to step in, President Moon was invited to keep a foothold in North Korea, it was the motivating way of establishing equality between the two countries and their leaders.

These initiatives to blur borders between the two countries are a sign of the purpose of the integration of the Korean nations, which both the Koreans want to complete for a long time.

After this, many views were seen for the first time throughout the day. Such cleverly drawn photographs also came out, in which both leaders appeared informally in open air talking with intimacy, as if they were building a new blight of the future of both the Korean nations.

The way both the leaders of the two countries join hands, hugs and smiles on their faces, the message is strengthened, which shows that the Korean people can decide their fate on their own level.

During this time, an attempt was made to eradicate the old memories of the Korean Peninsula, which dominated the interests of external global forces. Such forces include China, Japan, USA and former Soviet Union.
After signing the agreement, Kim Jong-un and Moon J-in
Kim’s image changes
In front of the international media, the joint statement of the two leaders, Kim Jong-he had a chance to challenge the prejudices made for him in the world.

Kim Jong-a self-confident declaration, in one stroke, presented the image of a humane leader who wants to work on peace and reconciliation instead of a strict and dictator leader in front of the press.

Critics may consider it a victory in Kim’s Propaganda, and may even try to stop North Korea’s own nuclear and missile programs. North Korea has already talked about ‘phasing disarmament’ so that it is not expected to do anything immediately in this matter.

The joint statement given on Friday also gives a glimpse of the previous agreements between the two Koreas. It includes the agreement between the two countries between 2000 and 2007, the bilateral agreement between 1991 and the avoidance of aggression.

Issues related to enhancing the agreements in the earlier agreements, establishing dialogue between the armies, creating trust, enhancing economic cooperation and increasing opportunities for interaction between the citizens of both countries.
Key points of the manifesto
However, the Friday manifesto is clear about its proposals. In this, both countries (water, land and air) are prohibited from actions of any kind of animosity in the spirit. At the same time, dates have also been fixed to increase trust for each other.

In these dates, by May 1, preventing the action driven by the spirit of hostility towards DMZ, bilateral military talks in May, joint representation in 2018 Asian Games, on August 15, and the month of fall (September) Until the South Korean President’s visit to North Korea is included.

Fasting, but progressing in a phased manner towards peace, point to the efforts of Korean leaders in which they want to show how much such efforts were necessary for the Korean Peninsula.

This announcement also mentions the peace talks between the two Koreans as well as the future of China or the United States or both countries.

It is being argued behind the inclusion of external factors on the main issues to a certain extent that this will prevent confrontation in the Korean Peninsula.

Trump’s Attitude
At the same time, these two Koreans will try to ignore the angry attitude of American President Donald Trump and the fighting language.

It is practical to not be rigid in this matter, because South Korean President Moon is at the beginning of his tenure. When the agreements were signed in 2000 and 2007, respectively, Kim Dei-Jung and Ro Mo-Hyun were the President of South Korea and were in the final round of their tenure.

In such a case, Moon can continue to hold meetings with Kim later. Both of them are looking forward to continuing the dialogue and are willing to move forward on various subjects involved in the announcement.

Kim Jong He also openly argued in favor of politics of identity in his statements. In his speech, he insisted on ‘a country, a language, a blood’. They also denied the possibility of any confrontation between the Korean countries in the coming days.

If the two Koreans want to emphasize their shared future, then the importance of America can not be ignored.
Now waiting for Kim and Trump meet
The much-awaited meeting between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump at the beginning of May or early June will prove to be crucial to know how serious North Korea is about the commitment of peaceful settlement.

Pyongyang’s nuclear disarmament promise is very different from the demand in the United States, in which it talks about ‘widespread, clear and never-changing’ nuclear disarmament.

The meeting of Kim and Trump will not only help in understanding how much difference there is between the two countries’ view of nuclear disarmament, but it will give an important opportunity to understand what strategy America has adopted to reduce its differences with North Korea. is.

South Korean President Moon very cleverly gave American President Trump a chance to take credit for the fact that due to the trump it helped to melt ice ice between the two Koreas. Perhaps he understood that to avoid the war and keep the trump in dialogue with North Korea, it is necessary to maintain the ego of the American President.
Well, the results of meeting of both Korean leaders in Panamunjom will be seen in the coming time, but at the moment, this meeting has presented the political tactics, diplomatic skills and strategic vision of both Korean leaders in a memorable way before everyone.

The dramatic events on Friday and the other events reminded that personality and leadership are the most important elements for historical changes.

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The author is a senior research fellow on the North East Asia topic of Asia Pacific Program at Doctor John Nielsen-Writtenham House. At the same time, Cambridge University has senior lecturers in Japan’s politics and international relations.

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