Kachin crisis in Myanmar after Rohingya

_101089523_gettyimages-872075872.jpgThousands of people have been forced to flee due to the new struggle between the army and the Kachin rebels in the northern province of Myanmar.

According to the United Nations, about 4,000 people have left their homes since the beginning of April.

This has long been due to the ongoing struggle between the Kachin Freedom Organization (KIO) and the security forces.

‘Rohingya refugee family first return to Myanmar’

It is being said that the army has attacked the rebels from the air and on the ground.

Along with this, thousands of people have been displaced.

It is also feared that many people are trapped in the conflict-affected area near the Chinese border. The organizations helping the government have urged the government to allow them to reach out to the people.

“The safety of pregnant women, the elderly, children and other citizens, including the disabled, is our biggest concern,” said Mark Cuts, head of the UN for the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, AFP. We have to ensure that these people are safe. ”

Who is the Kachin Rebel?
In addition to the Rohingya crisis in the western part of Myanmar, clashes involving other racial minorities have also been observed in the northern part.

Kachin has many Christian populations, which since 1961 has been constantly struggling for its greater autonomy in this Buddhist nation.
Nearly 120,000 people have been displaced due to the entire Kachin and conflict in Northern Shan State.

South Asia correspondent Jonathan Head says that the Myanmar government has made peace agreements with many other ethnic rebel forces over the past six years.

But the struggle with comparatively armed KIO continues and it remains one of the most powerful rebel groups.


Cant come back
Why so much increase in violence?
In 2011, sporadic battles have been taking place since the cease-fire between the Kachin Freedom Organization and the army.

Human rights groups say that after the focus of the world on the Rohingya crisis, the army had sharpened its campaign. Due to the Rohingya crisis, seven lakh people took shelter in Bangladesh.
Last month, a report released by the United Nations Human Rights Council highlighted “custody of human rights violations and increased abuse”, including custodial deaths, torture and sexual violence.

How is international response?
Aung San Suu Kyi, the country’s highest leader, has faced severe criticism for not ending human rights violations and for the insecurity of Rohingya Muslims.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Yangon said in a statement Friday that he is very concerned about the conflict in the region.

It says, “We demand the government including the army to protect the people and allow humanitarian assistance to the affected people in the conflict zone.”

Myanmar army says killings of Rohingya

Who are Rohingya Muslims who are wandering for their identity?

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