Iran lied on nuclear weapons: Netanyahu

_101109479_gettyimages-953158856.jpgIsrael’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that thousands of documents received by Israel reveal that Iran has lied to the whole world that he never tried to make nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu has called these documents “hidden nuclear files”. They say that it shows that Iran has tried to make nuclear weapons concealed from the eyes of the world.

In 2015, Iran had accepted the ban on its nuclear program made for energy rather than removing sanctions imposed on itself. Iran has been saying its nuclear program helps in meeting fuel needs in the country.

Trump and Macros signify new Iran nuclear deal

‘Saudi Arabia will also make Iran if Iran builds nuclear bomb’

American President Donald Trump has said that this situation “can not be accepted” and will announce his decision before the May 12 agreement with Iran on the nuclear deal. They have been threatening to cancel this nuclear deal.

Trump said, “They are not sitting quietly, they are preparing the missiles and telling them that they are only for appearances but I do not think so.”

Here, European countries say they want to maintain the nuclear deal with Iran.

Earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif accused Netanyahu of “making the people fooling”. In a tweet, he wrote, “He has started his cry again. You can fool some people only.”
What is Netanyahu’s evidence?
Netanyahu, who is present in the Ministry of Defense of Tel Aviv in Tel Aviv, told that they have “copies” of data found in Israel from a secret storage in Tehran to Israeli intelligence.

He said that he has 55 thousand pages of evidence and 183 CDs containing 55 thousand files, all these files belong to the nuclear weapon program ‘Project Amad’.

Netanyahu further said that the goal of this project was to create and test warheads for five missiles, in which each Warhead had a plan to install 10 kiloton atom explosives.

Netanyahu, who kept his point through a PowerPoint presentation, said that these files (dossiers) show that Iran had started collecting and storing goods connected with the nuclear weapons program, such as the design of atomic weapons and related to nuclear testing. Information .

Macro attacked the ‘Nationalism’ in the US Parliament
He said that Iran had also selected five different places for testing of nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu said, “These files include all these things: documents, charts, presentations, blueprints, photos, videos and more.”

“In this way these files prove that Iran has been lying constantly that it has never started the nuclear weapons program.”

Netanyahu said that these files have also been shared with the USA and they will also be credited in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

In 2007, the US National Intelligence Department, with great confidence, had speculated that Iran had nuclear weapons program until 2003, but later when the program was detected, Iran closed it.

The Prime Minister of Israel on Monday questioned the fact that all these alleged files that secretly show evidence of the existence of Project Amad in Iran, will allow Iran to create nuclear weapons when it wants to

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