Disco bars, lahore with alcohol & women riding bicycles

_101089198_91341160-28da-4170-8267-03b26002c68a.jpgLahore city has eaten a lot of acrobatics in the last 70 years. In the 50’s, women used to ride bicycles on the streets of Lahore, and Rahgir did not see them staring at them.

Used to be bars and disco. Alcohol was also not illegal. There were also drawing rooms in the houses, women and men’s rooms were different. Such programs were organized in which men and women could come together and purely for women, Meena Bazaar was also there.

To go to the club in the evening, play tennis and tambola was common in many homes. Playing radio, listening to songs, singing songs, playing cards, playing cars, playing games and playing games was a common hobby.
Alcohol is illegal in Lahore
Sari was not meant for any wedding, but it was a daily dress for many women.

Women living in the curtains used to wear ordinary Egyptian or hat burqa.

Streets were seen on the streets and the horses used to lean on the streets. However, later on government orders he was given a big pajama, but if someone fell on the road from Led, he would immediately run for the vaccination of tetanus. Whether the car was in the house or not, buffalo was definitely.

Most women did not work outside, the women who lived in the homes had no dearth of any kind and women who worked outside were not proud of any kind.
The river is now very low in Ravi river passing through Lahore
All the rivers of Punjab used to flow and floods in Ravi also came.

There were mangoes and jamun trees along the roads. People used to see a strange patriotism and often slogans of Pakistan Zindabad were used without any reason.

Full knob on the scooter
The motorcycle was hard to see and scooters were on which the whole canoe roamed around the rider. Cars were also seen with buses. Realism and small arts were flourishing.

Literature and writers were alive, the t-house and bakery rugs were not less then. Literally the writers and shayars used to go walking on the streets of the city, they could have been talked about, they could be found.

It was the identity of Subh Khan, Barkat Ali, Bombay Cloth House. Winters were known to find the winter winters in the houses. In the houses, except for two days, meat was made and there were some banquets, except for a few meals.

Then, like any magical hand dragged the ribs of our social structure with great silence and the entire building fell into its own steps just like a pile of heap.

Skip the bike, women driving are seen to be torn by the eyes so full of surprises that despite repeated cleaning, the glass of the car is sticky.

There is a change in burke which has taken the shape of hijab and gown. Looking at the eyes with glittering faces and mascara, they want the heart of seeing.

The work of the entries is still going on, but the real work is of the designer who wants to connect Daman with Gireban.

This is where in Lahore, where a man from Anarkali saw a sweater sample of a man, one of our friends bought wool pillows from there and chased him after pursuing the sahib. Now, in this Lahore, we do not wear any hand woven sweaters and nobody has to design the knitting design.
Clear drinking water in Lahore can end in ten years
There are many dishes, how many channels are teaching women every day to cook. Delivery boy is delivering cooked food from home to home but there is no cure in the food.

Buffalo has disappeared from the city, the river Ravi has dried up. Horses now appear in the Race Course and the Corylie Ground.

In the evening of Lahore, there is still the gloss of the coconut and the queen of the night, but one thing we have forgotten is that the ground water level in Lahore is rapidly ending.

What would be Lahore without water?

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