Will the sapor of food erase the differences of both Korea

_101046649_8a9e9903-0dab-4e39-bacf-997b38ba8b17.jpgFor years, food has played an important role in diplomacy and key meetings of politicians. Either caviar was not liked, then the President vomited.

The world’s big leaders and politicians continue to work for hours, debate difficult issues, they spend a lot of time talking to people and sometimes they are not able to sleep till night. But like the common man, it is necessary for them to eat too.

This year, two very important meetings of the world are going to be held and after this meeting, a lot of hard work has been done to decide what will be served.

This week, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is scheduled to meet South Korean President Moon J. who is the first formal meeting between the two countries after the year 2007.

During this period Moon J. will be serving plain fish to remind them of their port city Busan. Along with the crispy Swiss rosti made from potatoes and butter, also Kim Jong will refresh her memories of her school days. It is said that Kim Jong-he had his studies from a German school located in the Freezing Pleasers of Switzerland.

Kim Jong-5 Things You Did not Know

How do people live in North Korea?


Mark Knoller

Whet your appetite WH announces menu for Tuesday night’s State Dinner for French Pres and Mme Macron:

9:15 pm – 23 April 2018
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Importance of food diplomacy
This week the French President Emmanuel Macroon has met Donald Trump on his first US tour. This is the first American trip of a French leader during Trump’s tenure. On this occasion, America’s finest food was served to him with the French touch.

Kim Jong-he likes French cheese and wine. Can they try to improve their relationship with South Korea in serving them?

Joanna Mendelson-Fermaine, who specializes in the importance of food in diplomatic relationships, and an advertising professor at the American University, says, “It’s an important part of diplomacy.”
John Dori Fish
Research consultant Sam Chapel Solok says that the food served to guests at the conferences is in the right direction, in the right direction, and “the whole menu is attractive.”

“Since this is about North and South Korea’s uniting and friendship, that’s why they will be interconnected menus, the purpose of which will be to encourage both the countries to come together on the table.”

Sam Chapel Solok says that the North Korean government has never officially confirmed that Kim Jong-he had ever lived in Switzerland, and that’s why, “It is like a gambling and the men who eat menu are serving Swiss dish Intention has taken on the basis of your information. ”

He says, “Who knows they probably have not eaten it before, or perhaps they like fondes (a dish made from Swiss cheese) or a racklet (dish made from potato and racket cheese).”

North Korea wrapped in darkness and silence

How much does this North Korea know of Kim
Can be worsened even at the table
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton once said that she is “the oldest weapon of diplomacy”. Sokol explains that it is used to improve the relationship, but things are not always consistent with the plan.

In 1992, US President George W. Bush visited Japan during his Asia tour. Here in the state banquet, he served raw salmon, caviar (caviar made from fish eggs) in second course, and grilled beef was served in the third course with a spicy sauce. He was the first president who along with Japanese Prime Minister vomited during the banquet Was done.
In the American media, he talked about his health, but food was not criticized but it was said to be ‘influenza of flu’.

Sokol says, “There was no bad motive behind this, but the case went back several years and today people in Japan mock about them.”

There are many more interesting facts related to eating.

In honor of French President Francois Hollande, once the US President Barack Obama organized a banquet. In the menu that the White House made, it was introduced to Illinois cavity. This is not expected at a state banquet. But the Olympand was associated with the Socialist government and they did not say anything about “expensive caviers” while not having any kind of controversy. Sokol says that in his country this thing has not been seen from a positive view.

What is the world’s most healthful food

Dining-colored zest
Eating table
Analyst Maria Velez de Berliner believes that “food can work very powerful weapon, whose hand is the key to serving food, he also has a control of the table.”

A 1979 version of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher proved this fact. In a European Council meeting with French President, Gerd D’Aston, he had refused to think about the decision before dinner.

As the evening grew, on the dinner table, he persuaded Gerard D’Aston to adopt a positive attitude towards his proposals.

Mandelson-Fermaine says that food plays an important role in reducing distance in diplomatic matters. She says, “It increases communication between people, which creates the possibility of negotiating the end of the conflict.”

According to the New Yorker, in 2015, negotiations continued for 20 months during the nuclear deal with Iran, there was a situation of tension and there was a lot on the stakes and at least five conversations had remained unchanged for at least five times.

A food that will set fire to the mouth

Iwaka also makes food for husband
Grilled beef
The arbitrators always used to eat different meals, but on the 4th of the month of American Independence Day they dined together. Iranians invited both parties to eat to ease tension. Mendelson-Fermaine says, “This was the first time when the Americans and Iranians saw each other differently.”

Berliner agrees with their point of view. He says, “First they were considered to be intermediaries only, but after that they started looking at each other as common people.”

Within ten days the agreement was agreed on and the two experts were satisfied that it was a key role for Persian food which was done together.

It may be that this positivity related to food will remain similar in the future even further in the future.

The next major militant will be US President Donald Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong-them. What will happen to her table during this time that the stress will end – will everyone look at it?

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