Why the wall of friendship between India and Russia is cracking?

_101035625_gettyimages-691098510.jpgThis time it is likely to change the friendship between two important countries of South Asia, India and Pakistan, and distances from old friends.

There has been a rich history of persecution in Russia and India, on the other hand, Pakistan and America’s Yarana too. In the last 10 years, many things have been reversed at the global level and in this sequence, the friends of the two countries are clearly changing.

On April 6 this year, Defense Minister Khurram Khagram Khogram Khun told the Russian media to Sputnik, that the Pakistan Army plans to buy SU-35 fighter aircraft and T-90 tank from Russia.

Khan’s announcement was very different from the earlier stand of Pakistan. Earlier, Pakistan had refused to buy SU-35. Of course, this announcement relates to deep relationship between Pakistan and Russia.

Due to the friendship of Russia and India and historical unbelief, the possibility of Russia’s good relations with Pakistan was not seriously thought. But now the geopolitical environment of South Asia is taking a new and important step with increasing security relations between Pakistan and Russia.
Chance of friendship in Pakistan-Russia
The deep relationship between Russia and Pakistan is related to the broad and common interests of the two countries and it is likely to flourish in the coming years.

It is being said that the friendship between Russia and Pakistan is stabilizing and its future is seen in the shared interest of the two countries. Both countries want to reduce the impact of the US in South Asia and work under shared strategies to find a solution to the war in Afghanistan.

Russia is now directly involved in military cooperation with Pakistan and at the same time, Russia has defended Pakistan in many organizations around the world. Increasing relations between Russia and Pakistan are not less than a new challenge for US policy makers.

Snow and ice in the relations between Russia and Pakistan melted when the Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov went on a tour to Pakistan in 2007. In 2011, the mistrust between the relations of America and Pakistan increased so much that the friendship of both of them was shattered.

In 2011, USA had killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. During this time, Russia and Pakistan came closer. The anti-American sentiment in both countries was tremendous and this sentiment also had a major role in bringing closer to both.
Pakistan has chosen first America, now Russia
Policy makers of Pakistan and Russia felt that the effect of America’s influence on the sustainability of South Asia is important, and this argument triggered the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Professor Sanjay Pandey of the Russian and Central Asian Studies Center at Jawaharlal Nehru University believes that relations between Pakistan and Russia also have a historical background.

He says, “In 1949, the Soviet Union invited the then Pakistani leader Liaquat Ali Khan for the first time, but he did not go. On this basis, he got an invitation from the United States. After this there was a special relationship between Pakistan and USA in 1954. Pakistan joined the Cantonment Policy of the United States. Of course, Pakistan was with the United States in the Cold War. In Afghanistan also he cooperated with Russia against the United States. However, the same Pakistan is talking about Russia’s arbitration in Afghanistan and wants the US military to leave Russia.

Sanjay Pandey says, “In spite of this, Russia never left Pakistan. When there was a war between India and Pakistan in 1965, Russia had kept a very balanced side. The agreement that Russia made in Tashkent also went against India. After this agreement, Pakistan had felt that Russia was not completely against it. ”
Pakistan too important for Russia
“In the last days of the Soviet Union, in the analysis of that time, it was said in Russia that India is an important country for him, but due to Pakistan, it will be damaged. During that time the army of the Soviet Union was coming out of Afghanistan. Russia had many prisoners of war which could not be taken without the help of Pakistan. In this way, Russia did not want to end the possibility of relations with Pakistan. ”

Even after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, such an attempt was made, but Russia felt that the price of India should not be shared with Pakistan. Sanjay Pandey says, “US President Barack Obama talked about the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, then Russia felt that Taliban would be effective and there would be dangers in Central Asia. Therefore, there should be presence in Afghanistan after the US and Pakistan can play a key role in it. ”

Due to anti-American sentiment, military cooperation between the two countries has also been established. In September 2016, Russia and Pakistan organized joint military exercises for the first time. This anti-terrorism exercise was seen as an extension to Pakistan’s defense partners.
Distance from Pakistan to Pakistan
At the same time, a message also came out that Pakistan wants to reduce its dependence on military supplies. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, arms deal between USA and Pakistan slipped from $ 1 billion to $ 2.1 million last year.

US President Donald Trump is giving a lot of sympathy to the relations with India. Trump has repeatedly criticized Pakistan for relations with Islamic extremists. In view of this, Russia and Pakistan want to reduce the impact of the United States in South Asia together.

Pakistan and Russia want America to reconcile its military campaign in Afghanistan. On February 20 this year, Pakistan Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif went to Russia. During this visit, the Pakistani Foreign Minister had said that Russia had been saying for a long time that the military campaign of NATO countries in Afghanistan has failed miserably and there is a truth in it.

Pakistan has already proposed to make Russia an intermediary for peace talks in Afghanistan. Pakistan wants us to go from Afghanistan to America.
Former Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Afghanistan and Pakistan are together on Afghanistan
Both countries want Afghanistan without peace in the United States. Afghanistan is an issue that is related to anti-American sentiment in both countries. Pakistan and Russia want the Taliban to be included in the establishment of peace process in Afghanistan.

Russia and Pakistan believe that ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K) is the biggest threat to Afghanistan’s security, while the US believes that the threat of ISIS is continuously weakening.

Russia and Pakistan argue that due to lack of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria terrorist networks are constantly making new appointments. It is being said between the two countries that Pakistan and Russia are providing weapons to the Taliban to deal with ISIS’s threats.

Both Pakistan and Russia have theoretically agree that sovereignty should not be violated in the anti-terrorist campaign. Pakistan has been sharply criticizing the US for its 24 soldiers who crossed the border in November 2011.
Russia has given Pakistan support
On such occasions, Russia is standing with it by referring to Pakistan’s sovereignty. Interestingly, Russia is in Bashar al-Assad in Syria in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia is against Russia. Pakistan, on the other hand, has a very close relationship with Saudi Arabia. Despite this, Russia is increasing military ties with Pakistan.

Many analysts believe that the situation in South Asia is quite complicated. While China is strengthening its reach in the Indian Ocean, on the other hand Russia wants to reduce the effect of America. In such a situation, India can not openly oppose Russia or its ability to hit China.

In 1991, Pakistan offered the proposal of ‘South Asia Nuclear Free Zone’, which India had opposed. India had argued that this proposal has no meaning till China joins it.
Sanjay Pandey says that this proposal of Pakistan was meant to disrupt India’s nuclear program, but the Soviet Union had supported Pakistan’s proposal.

Professor Pandey feels that there is a possibility of friendship in Pakistan and Russia and at the same time a very complex game is going to start in South Asia. Pandey also believes that Russia will not be a buyer like India because in the case of weapons purchase Pakistan can not take India instead, because Pakistan does not have such a foreign currency.

There has been no Russian President on tour till now. On March 18, 2016, the Russian ambassador to Pakistan had questioned President Putin’s visit to Pakistan, why did Putin not visit a single Pakistani visit? In response to this question, the then Russian Ambassador had said, “Russia feels that there is no such reason so far on the basis of which Putin should visit Pakistan.” Of course, President Putin did not go to Pakistan even after this.

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