Who is Asaram Bapu guilty of rape?

_101026209_293c882f-e4b8-44c2-8181-ac784503f6a7.jpgReligious leader Asaram has been convicted by the Jodhpur court for raping a minor girl.

In April, 1941, Asaram’s real name Aslam Harpalani was born in Berani village of Sindh district of present Pakistan.

Asaram’s family, belonging to the Sindhi merchants community, came to Ahmedabad in 1947 after the partition of India.

Asaram’s Guru
In the sixties, he made Leelashah his spiritual master. Later, Leelaashah named Asamal as Asaram.
In 1972, Asaram made his first cottage on the bank of Sabarmati river in Mittera town, about 10 km from Ahmedabad.

How the empire spread?
Asaram’s spiritual project started from here, gradually spread to different states of the country due to other cities of Gujarat.

At the beginning, the effect of Asaram, who was tempted to serve the trio of his ‘discourses, country medicines and bhajan kirtan’ to poor, backward and tribal groups coming from Gujarat’s rural areas, gradually started growing in the urban middle-class areas of the state.

Four million followers
In the early years, after the discourse, free meals distributed in the name of Prasad also played an important role in accelerating the number of Asaram’s ‘devotees’.
According to Asaram’s official website, he has four crore followers all over the world today.

In the coming decades, together with his son Narayan Sai, Asaram has established his empire of 400 Ashrams spread abroad.

Asaram’s property
Asaram’s vast influence, along with a large number of his devotees and ashrams, is also worth about 10 thousand crores of rupees.

The property tax department and ED are currently conducting investigations of this property.

This investigation also includes cases of land grabbing for illegal construction of ashram.

What is the Jodhpur case?
In August 2013, the whole family of the victim of Shahjahanpur, who filed a case of rape against Asaram, was a devout devotee of Asaram before the incident.
The victim’s father had built Asaram’s ashram in Shahjahanpur on his own expenditure. In the hope of ‘Sanctified education’, he sent his two children to study in Gurukul located at Chhindwara in Asaram.

According to the chargesheet filed in the suit, Asaram rape the 15-year-old 16-year-old victim on the pretext of “doing fine” in his cottage and in rape.

In this case, the court has convicted Asaram.

Killing of witnesses
Asaram is also accused of killing witnesses.

On February 28, 2014, on the morning of February 28, Asaram and his son Narayan Sai, the husband of one of the two sisters of Surat, who was accused of rape, was mortally assaulted in Surat city.
Within 15 days, the next attack was on the videographer of Asaram, named Rakesh Patel. A few days after the second attack, Tezab was thrown at Surat’s textile market on the third witness Dinesh Bhagnani.

Asaram’s political influence
According to social worker Manishi Jani, Despite everything, Asaram Bapu also receives a kind of political protection.

Referring to the assembly, he said that it has come so far that on the issue of Asaram Bapu, there was a fierce ruckus in the assembly which was uprooted to the mike.

While being the Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi also went to his ashram. Asaram Bapu felt that he could not reach the hands of the law.

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