What are the tricks used by North and South Korea on each other?

_101026185_0bfba028-d452-4102-af8b-e15d39ae17d0.jpgAlthough North and South Korea always have news of disagreements, but the two countries are currently preparing for their first summit in the last 10 years.

This conversation going on after years of annoying relations and aggressive statements that are going on for years is being seen as a rare and hopeful opportunity among South Korean leaders.

After the Korean war ended in 1953, there was no peace agreement between the neighboring countries, so there was no formal relationship between them.

In 1990, came the ‘Sunshine Policy’ which tried to improve relations and Kim De-Jung, the South Korean President, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000.
Sunshine Policy

Although the ‘Sunshine Policy’ could not hold the heat of the relationship between the two countries for a long time as North Korea did not pursue its nuclear ambition.

Between the two neighbors, the non-violence continued, which can be seen as a ‘small’ war. However, instead of inflicting big damage on each other, warnings are increasing.

North and South Korea have been using similar strategies for each other, as the Soviet Union and the USA used to try each other during the Cold War.

Anchor Ankit Pandya says that by doing so, the two countries can maintain an attacker attitude without joining the army.

Ankit told : “Whatever happens between the two countries, we may not think of anything bigger but actually they have a sign of importance, and not only this, it also has the effect.”
In the past few years, the two countries have used some such tricks to attack each other:

Both countries have put dozens of loudspeakers on their border to propaganda, from which the jawans and people of other countries are told that their country is misleading them. Apart from the loudspeakers, the news of criticizing the neighboring country in addition to the pop music of Korea is also broadcasted.

South Korea had closed the loudspeakers on their side for a while in 2004, but in 2015, two South Korean soldiers were badly injured in the landmine of North Korea, and they started the loudspeakers again.

They were once again silenced in 2015, but in 2016 when North Korea claimed that they had tested a hydrogen bomb, the laspiker got back to work.

These loudspeakers can be heard from the weather conditions, plays, pop songs and news from both the countries.

These voices are also heard in people living in the unmanned zone.
“These loudspeakers are operating overnight and they have an impact on the morale of the soldiers, they are tired of listening to them and sleeping for them.”

South Korea recently closed the loudspeaker again when North Korea announced the closure of its nuclear test.

People of South Korea think that now maybe North Korea also closed its Propaganda.

There is no statement from South Korea on whether the loudspeaker will be restarted after the summit or whether the loudspeaker will resume.
Flag politics

South Korea constructed a 321.5-ft flag in a village in the border in 1980. In response, North Korea made a 525-feet-long flag in a frontline city.

South Korea and North Korea have been experimenting with balloons propaganda on each other for a long time.

People in South Korea often leave balloons. In these balloons, different things like chocolate biscuits and parchy are packed.

According to Alex Gladstein, “these balloons go up to thousands of miles and have proved to be ‘very effective’.”

Thousands of such pills were found in Seoul in 2016, in which the praise of North Korea was written.

It was speculated that they were sent by filling in balloons from North Korea to put a variety of psychological pressure on South Korea.

“It does not matter to South Korea as much as it is for North Korea,” said an expert, “The South Korean people do not affect everyday life of South Korean people, but for North Korea, the ideology is very important for people.”

How much does this North Korea know of Kim
Transmission of intelligence messages
In 2016, North Korea began to broadcast ‘code numbers’ once again after 16 years, and with this, South Korea was very excited.

These secret numbers are broadcasted and they are understood only by the people who live in other countries.

These numbers were broadcast from a radio station in North Korea late in the night. There are such radio stations in North Korea that have been created with the intention of spreading propaganda in South Korea.

The United States and South Korea decided to put together a distinguished missile battery and immediately after this, these intelligence numbers began to be broadcast from North Korea.

Despite all this, there are relationships like North and South Korea, which can be considered the best in the last several years.

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