Uncle Ho are still the most popular


A face is known throughout Vietnam and you will be seen everywhere. Ever never came out of the poster and once in a park standing in front of you as a statue in a park. Ever see you at the bottom of an intersection or government building.

This great person is no other, but the Father of the Nation is Ho Chi Minh. If you are a tourist here then you can not look at Ho Chi Minh. His museum in Hanoi is his mausoleum, his tomb and some of his home where he was after becoming the President.

The Hindu of Vietnam is on the brink of eradication!

Name of the city named after Ho Chi Minh
After his death, he was renamed as Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city of the country, as a tribute.

Here is the tomb of Ho Chi Minh where thousands of people come to pay tribute to them every day.

Local people do not tire of praising them. He has a very high statue at the Sageon Center of Ho Chi Minh City.

He has one hand raised in his own way. Right below, some girls are taking photos by imitating their hands with their hands.

Will India learn something from Vietnam?

One of them said in a loud voice that she has an attachment to Ho Chi Minh.

A worker resting on the scooter said, “Ho Chi Minh, the most important leaders of Vietnam have passed, they gave us freedom and if we are happy and free, then because of them”. His importance is similar to that of Mahatma Gandhi in India.
Director of the museum
The baton that defeats France, Japan and the USA
Ho Chi Minh was also the first president of Azad Vietnam besides being the new Father of modern Vietnam. He was also a wonderful man.

Under his leadership, Vietnam defeated three great powers i.e. France, Japan and the United States.

He was the leader of a leftist ideology. The more gentle they were in the field of battle, the more gentle it was outside. He has been active for years in the battle of freedom from France on the battlefield.
There was good friendship between Jawaharlal Nehru and Ho Chi Minh.

When he came to India in 1958, Nehru gave him a tremendous welcome.

Naguyun Van Cog, director of the Ho Chi Minh Museum says that the youngsters of India used to call them Uncle Ho. “Prime Minister Nehru and Ho Chi Minh were close friends, when he went to India in 1958, Nehru gave him a tremendous welcome, the children there called him uncle, the people of India gave him a lot of love”

Today’s young generation does not know Ho Chi Minh well in India, but in the time of Nehru, he was known more in the name of “Uncle Ho” in India. There are roads in his name in Delhi and Kolkata.
This house of Ho Chi Minh, where he spent last 11 years
Stay in the house of two rooms when he becomes president
President Ho Chi Minh died in 1969 at the age of 79. When he became the President, instead of staying in the palace, he stayed in a small house of two rooms, where a palace employee lived.

Pointing towards the house inside a museum, a woman said, “We live in the house behind us and stay there for 4 years after becoming the nationalist, and there she lived in that house for 11 years.”

When he was born in a simple house in 1890, Vietnam was in the possession of France at the time.

He left the studies and left abroad for the purpose of preparing the atmosphere for the country’s independence.

When he left the country in 1911, he was an anonymous youth but when he returned to India in 1941, he had become a tough leader.
Ho Chi Minh Monument
He continued to visit France, Russia and China for thirty years so that he warned the leaders of their country about the political condition of their country. At the same time, we also tried to get help in Vietnam’s independence.

Vietnam was divided into North and South during the death of Ho Chi Minh in 1969.

This is what France did before firing from the country. The unity of the nation was his last big dream.

His dream came true after six years of his death.

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