Trump and Macroon has give signal of new Iran nuclear deal

_101024942__98310994_4bad278c-5899-461f-abfb-500aec83f722.jpgAmerican President Trump has warned Iran that if he resumed his nuclear program he would have to face huge problems.

During the press conference in the White House with the French Presidential Emanuel Macroon, Trump called the Iran Agreement “insanity”.

The presidents of the United States and France have indicated that a new agreement can be made about Iran’s nuclear program.

Trump had earlier described this nuclear deal as one of the worst agreements. In order to finish this agreement during Obama’s tenure, Trump has also decided on May 12.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will also go to America on Friday to try to prevent Trump from breaking the Iranian agreement.
In the Obama administration, this agreement was described by Trump as one of the worst agreements
Iran will pay the price
After asking a reporter that after breaking the agreement, Iran can resume its nuclear program, Trump responded that it would not be easy to start again for them.

Trump said, “He will not start something again. If Iran does, then he will have to face many difficulties, such difficulties that he has never seen before.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javed Zarif told the News Agency Associated Press that Iran could break its nuclear deal if the US withdraws its verdict.

He said that America will harm the dialogue with North Korea as it will prove that it does not stick to its promises.

On the other hand, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Monday said that the US will have to face serious consequences instead of withdrawing from the nuclear deal.

At the same time, Trump said on Tuesday, “If Iran threatens us, then he will have to pay the same price which other countries have to pay”
France tried to defend
McRaugh has come to the United States on a three-day tour In a joint press conference on Tuesday, Macro said that there was open talk with his President Trump.

The President of France told reporters that he believes that it is possible to create a new compromise to overcome concerns about Iran.

He said, “We want sustainable stability and we believe that negotiations will open for new agreements.”

Under the earlier agreement, Iran was willing to postpone its nuclear program. This was done for the purpose of peace, in return for which Iran was relaxed in economic sanctions.

This agreement was signed by Iran, USA as well as Europe, Russia, China and Germany. There have been complaints about Trump’s. They say that this agreement does not force Iran to stop the support of extremist groups like Hezbollah.

From every country signing this, the American President has demanded that he also agreed on a permanent ban on Iran’s uranium enrichment. According to the recent agreement, this restriction is only till 2025.
While taking photos in the Oval office, Trump Macroon’s shoulders remove the ‘dendruff’ from the shoulder. He told reporters, “Our relationships are very special and I will remove this small piece of Dendrof.”

The Iranian agreement between the two politicians is not only a matter of controversy but the Paris climate agreement is also an important issue. Apart from this, there are topics such as recognition of Jerusalem’s capital of Israel, plans for US tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Earlier on Tuesday, on the day the Macros and his wife were welcomed at the military function at the White House.

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