Those ‘Lady lioness’ who had escorted Asaram to prison

_101038031_whatsappimage2018-04-25at4.34.42pm.jpgRegardless of pressure, if you are fighting for truth, doing true work and fighting for someone who is to bring justice against a person who is very dominant, then you have to work a little harder. ”

These words belong to the woman police officer who has examined the rape case against Asaram with a minor.

In the year 2010, the investigation of this case was not easy for Chanchal Mishra, a police officer who joined the Rajasthan Police Service.

How to investigate the case of Asaram?
Asaram was arrested in this case and it was also very difficult to investigate charges against him.

The reason for this was that Asaram was arrested in Indore, he was fir in Delhi, the victim was from Uttar Pradesh and at the time of the incident, he was studying in another state.
In such a case, the scope of this investigation was so large that the Chief Investigation Officer took time to coordinate with the investigating officers of other states.

Chanchal Mishra, chief investigating officer of the case, points out, “The biggest problem of investigation was that it was an investigation spread across many states, going through different states, you had to gather evidence and documents and seek witnesses. We had to complete this investigation in time, the third thing was that after the FIR, what would happen in the circumstances of the arrest, because it was a self- Door to a challenge in itself. ”

“We did not want to arrest Asaram as long as we did not have sufficient evidence.” When we got enough evidence, we took the arrest and after that almost every day to appear in court, debate on the bail application. All the work was going on together, you had to manage your personal life along with all this. ”

Asaram: From the empire of faith to prison bars

We also examined the attitude of political conspiracy in this matter and found that it is not possible.

How is Asaram arrested?
When the investigating officer Chanchal Mishra reached Indore ashram with four other members of his team, Asaram started the discourse.

After this he went to rest and during this period, Chanchal Mishra was trying to arrest him along with his team and the Indore police.

In this process, Chanchal Mishra said, ‘Asaram Ji open the door or else I will come in.’
Speaking to the BBC, Chanchal Mishra said, “We have legal rights, if a criminal is obstructing the arrest, he has kept himself locked in a house, so we have the right to break the door and arrest him. Please. ”

“There was a lot of crowds outside the Indore Ashram, our strategy was to get out of the ashram as soon as possible as the crowd was moving outside the ashram till the morning, we had two hours and we had to do all the work Because in the morning, he would gather enough crowds so that we could not get out of there, we got into the ashram around eight and a half past nine o’clock, after which we would come only at one and a half hour Ram could be arrested. ”

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Katara Asaram’s night at Indore Airport
On August 31, after arresting Asaram from his ashram, the police immediately sent him to Indore airport as he was to be produced in Jodhpur court.

In such a situation, the police had a shortage of time and the distance between Indore and Jodhpur was about six hundred kilometers away. In such a situation, he was brought to the airport to reach Jodhpur immediately, but the Jodhpur team had to wait several hours for the next flight.

“We went to Indore Airport after which we had to wait for the flight, after which we reached Jodhpur at around ten in the morning,” says Chanchal Mishra.
‘Bomb plot’
Such reports were also reported about Chanchal Mishra, which said that the conspiracy was hatched to kill him.

According to a report of the Indian Express, “Kartik Halder had admitted in his statement to the Gujarat Police that a conspiracy was hatched to bomb the investigating officer Chanchal Mishra and for this Dynamite was being brought to Mumbai.”


But when the BBC tried to know about this from the Banchal Mishra, they said that they do not like to talk about negative things because if negative things are brought forth, people will start to fear instead of taking inspiration.

She says, “I would like to tell more about positive things instead of negative things so that people get motivated by it.” The Gujarat Police got an input from the Gujarat Police, which was necessary for our actions. ”

The Special Court of Jodhpur has sent a life sentence to life imprisonment for Asaram in connection with the rape of a minor, Chanchal Mishra has played a very important role in it, and if it is Agnihotra Mishra, then today he is satisfied to do his work properly. .

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