The veg burger who cut then the ‘blood’ comes out!

_101018588_bccdc258-6376-4d09-be92-1dcf680cb410.jpgThe 19-year-old Ivan Mackormake, sitting in a cafe, carefully observes his big, juicy burger.

It looks like meat; Khushbo also comes from non-veg and it also bites on it from the blood.

But all this is cheating.

“I liked this thing that it is more juicy and crunchy than other veggie burgers. I think its texture is also a big reason.”

This burger was made by Silicon Valley’s company Impossible Foods. The company explains that this burger made from wheat, coconut oil and potatoes can dodge any carnivorous.
Evan McCormack believes that non-vegetarian friends can be fooled by their burgers.
The meat industry is a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions, tree deforestation and water use worldwide.

The main purpose of making this burger is to save the environment.

The CEO of the company, Pat Brown, points out that he is trying to make such a technology by 2035 that the use of animals in the food is completely exhausted.

They believe that keeping animals for the meat business is like running a factory. Pat meat, fish and dairy all three industries are included in this.

He says that “these techniques are more fatal than fossil fuel production (such as coal, kerosene, etc.) on the earth, transport systems, mining and cutting trees.”

“It only makes huge amounts of greenhouse gas, as well as the most water pollution and pollution.”

Indian Burger, which can not even match McDonald’s

How do companies earn a burger by giving a FREE?

1 burger = how many hours the test-
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 18% of the total number of greenhouse gases coming from the animal husbandry industry comes from.

According to the Center for Agriculture and Bioscience International, animal protein production needs 11 times more fossil fuels compared to vegetable protein.

The forests around the world, including Amazon, are being cut for different reasons.

Although the FAO also states that the business of meat not only cares for millions of people, this industry also provides a third part of the total protein consumed worldwide.

At the end of the last century, meat production was 229 million tonnes, which is expected to increase to 465 million tonnes by 2050.

Burgers of Impossible Foods will like environmentalists and vegetarians but at the moment they will be found in a few restaurants in the USA.

By 2020, it is also planning to increase its production for the supermarket. The company is also working on products made from fish

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