The German government is giving help to Osama bin Laden’s ‘protector’

_101023175_5432f3b4-490a-4381-aed3-c2e3a3d8df7a.jpgThe German government is giving him 95 thousand rupees per month as a helping hand to Osama bin Laden’s allegedly protecting person.

On the question of ‘Alternative for Germany’, the right-wing party, this figure was released by a regional government.

The person seeking help is a citizen of Tunisia and has been living in Germany since 1997. His name is known as Sami A.

The full name of the person has not been published in Germany’s media for confidential reasons.

However, Sami A has denied any connection with the jihadis. They did not have to face torture, due to this fear they were not sent back to Tunisia.
Osama bin Laden used to administer al-Qaeda jihadi network and in 2001 carried out the attack on America’s World Trade Center.

Ten years later in 2011, a special squad of American soldiers was shot in Pakistan.

At least three suicide pilots who were involved in the 9/11 attack were members of a network of al-Qaeda operated from Hamburg in north Germany.

According to the witnesses present in the anti-terrorism investigation in Germany in 2015, Sami was a bodyguard of Osama bin Laden for several months in Afghanistan in 2000.

Sami A had denied this allegation but the judges had expressed confidence in the witnesses.

Those last hours of Osama bin Laden

Studied technical courses

In the year 2006, it was also investigated that there was a supposed connection of Sami A’s alias but no action was taken against him.

Sami A. Germany resides in Bokam city with his wife and four children of origin. This city is located in western Germany.

After getting permission to stay temporarily in 1999, he studied many technical courses and in 2005 he went to Bucham.

In the year 2007, her asylum application was rejected by saying that she is a threat to security.

They have to attend the police station every day.

According to the Government of Germany, suspected jihadis have to be victims of torture in North Africa. Therefore Tunisia and neighboring Arab countries are not included in the list of protected countries for migrants.

Osama bin Laden’s wife Amal told that the whole story of that night

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