Social: Asaram now not bapu, a rapist

_101035243__101026212_aacb6d09-ab6a-4a9a-9b65-0dab1f762bf3.jpgReligious leader Asaram has been sentenced to life imprisonment by blaming a minor girl for raping a minor girl by Jodhpur court.

77-year-old Asaram is also accused in the case of rape of another woman whose lawsuit is being run separately.

Asaram has been sentenced to death, as many Ashaam Verdict, Asaram Vardikat, Asaram Bardu, Asaram Bapu, Asaram Kanvict

BJP MP from West Delhi Parvesh Sahib Singh tweeted, “No one is above the law, justice has won today.”
Congress has tweeted an old video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from his official Twitter handle in which he can be heard praising Asaram.

This tweet has been written, “A person is identified by his or her accompaniment.”
Captain Sudhir Dikshit tweeted, “From the King to the ranks … from the sadhus to the sinner … Asaram Bapu to O Ram. Justice is slow to run, but it is definitely justice.
Dhruv Rathi tweeted, “Now they are not rapists, rapists of a girl. Salute to 9 witnesses who gave their testimony without regard to life. ”
Many people shared old photographs of politicians with Asaram on social media. In such a Facebook post, Jayant Jigyasu has written, “The three ultimate disciples of Asaram Bapuji, Mahasanta Pujyadpad”
Sarasij Nayanam tweeted, “So now we can officially remove Rama, Bapu and Jai in the name of Asaram Bapuji … like any other rapist, he is a rapist in the clothes of a sadhus.”
Apart from Asaram, Shiva, Sharat Chandra, Shilpi and Prakash were accused in this case.

The court sentenced Shilpi and Sarat Chandra to 20-20 years of imprisonment. The court acquitted Prakash and Shiva.

Sharat Chandra was the director of Chhindwara Ashram where a minor girl used to study. Shilpi was the Warden of the Chhindwara Ashram.

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