So dangerous can be lick of dog ?

_101014647_collage.jpgAbout a half and a half ago, Dr. Jaco was playing with his dog Harvey of the Nell Cocker Spaniel breed when he saw slight scratches on his arm.

They cleaned the scratches and then got engaged in daily work. Everything was fine for two weeks but after that something like flu was done to him. They did not understand what was going on at all.

In fact, he was diagnosed with septicemia (a type of infection) due to the dog saliva, causing poison spread in his blood and he had the power to fight his illness.

Septicemia infection is one of the major reasons behind deaths worldwide.

Nell died, but he was “very close” to death.

Jacko’s case is very rare, but it’s also real. Every year around 2 million people are victims of septicemia every year.

One minute is precious
Nell had no idea at first to the extent that he was sick because then he had only a fever. They just went to sleep.

He said, “In the evening my partner came home and found me in a critical condition and he called the emergency service. Thankfully, he understood what the matter was and he immediately started treatment.”

As soon as septicemia comes in the catch, the expectation of the patient recovering as quickly as possible increases. In the event of this infection, one minute per minute is valuable. As the time passes, the danger increases.

Nail explains, “I started giving antibiotics and essential fluids from home, but still I got unconscious when I reached the Emergency Room.”

A dog seven and a half million! Have ever seen

After that he stayed in the ICU for the next five days because he had gone to coma.

Nell said, “When I sensed, I saw that my body was almost black, my blood clots were weirdly frozen and my tissue (tissue) was also damaged.”

Nell’s kidneys also failed and had to lay on dialysis for two months.

After being in the hospital for four months, both of his legs were cut from knees to the bottom. The upper part of their nose also ended.

According to Nell, “It was a very difficult time for me. I knew from the beginning that my fingers and feet were going to go, but there would be something similar to my face, I did not have any idea of ​​it.”

After the hospital, he also suffered a lot in eating, walking and breathing. The marks of wounds were also left on their lips.


Have you ever seen a blue dog?
Had to kill the cute dog
Nell told that during this time he was badly bored and depressed. Although after three months they started walking again But what happened, they still do not believe in it.

Nell’s troubles did not end here. He had to take another very difficult decision after suffering himself. He had to kill his beloved dog Harvey so that nobody else would be infected like him.

Now the condition of Nell has improved a lot. They can drive a car. He got an artificial nose from the hospital but now he does not wear it. They say that what happened to them, they do not want to hide from anyone.
It looks like the English Cocker Spaniel breed dog (pictured picture)
What is septicemia?
According to the World Health Organization, this is an infection that occurs when the immune system (immune system) of the human body becomes more active in response to an infection.
If septicemia occurs, the initial problem may look like a light scratched or cut in the finger. But if the reason is not known at the right time, then the body can be very harmful. For example, tissue can be damaged, some limb can stop working and even death can occur.
The reason why septicemia is present is not known yet. Given its dangerous effect, it is called ‘silent killer’.
Identifying septicemia is also very difficult because its initial symptoms are like a common infection and fever.
According to septicemia fund of the United Kingdom, septicemia has six major symptoms – difficulty in speaking, muscular pain, chills, pain in urine, trouble breathing, skin scabs or itching.
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