Sexual exploitation of women in companies will stop like this

_101027471_54cdac69-72a0-409a-a88a-97bf1d0a847a.jpgI’ve shifted my house just now. Would you like to try my bed by coming here? ”

Charlotte is an advocate and he sent them these messages to one of his clients. This is not the only chance when he got a spamic sexual attribution during his career.

They say, “The worst was when one of my married elders did this, we were in an event and we had drunk a lot, she was handing my hair with the hand in which she wore the wedding ring. He was saying that I am very beautiful. ”

Charlotte said, “He is very senior, he is very respected and he is known as a ‘Family Man’. Since his reputation is very high in the company, it was very difficult for me to complain.”

What happened to Charlotte happens in almost every industry.
Harvey Weinstein with Rose McGowan
After the Harvey Weinstein case came to light in Hollywood and after the #MeToo campaign in the social media, the stories of sexual abuse were revealed which were never talked about.

In such a situation, now there is pressure on companies and businesses to stop sexual abuse and they are also struggling with it.

There are some ways to stop sexual abuse in workplaces and companies that can prove to be effective, such as:
Training is being given to combat sexual harassment in the United States since 1990 and now these trends are increasing in Europe. With every passing day, this is getting more popular.

It is easy to train people but it is difficult to prepare for complaining because in most cases victims / victims are shocked to speak.
Companies do not ask ‘right’ questions from victims’

Employment Lawyer Karen Jackson quit his job and started his own practice because he himself was a victim of sexual abuse.

She says, “I have many such clients who can not even share my story with me because they are ashamed of themselves.”

Many companies are resorting to phone helpline to deal with this. These phone lines are free and free of any kind of pressure.

Dr. Julia Shaw has created an app called ‘Talk to Spots’ to make the complaint of sexual abuse easy.

It is a chatbot that asks the victim and asks for the records to be recorded so that they can be presented if needed.

Julia says that most companies do not ask victims ‘right’ questions.
Keep an audit of such cases
If someone courageously complains, matters of sexual abuse in the corporate world often end up on ‘agreement’ and the victim has to sign the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), that is, he is convinced for this. That they will not tell anyone about sexual harassment with them.

That is why it is not known how many incidents of sexual abuse actually occur.

Therefore, experts advise companies to keep an audit of such cases.

It is important for companies to have a proper proportion of women and men. Men are dominated by higher positions in most institutions, and in such a case it is very difficult for a woman to report sexual abuse.

If he does this then the ‘big people’ of the office is afraid of going against him.
If companies give their employees proper training to deal with sexual abuse,

Give a safe environment to complain and keep records of all such cases, there will definitely be positive results.

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