Mahendra Singh Dhoni showed that even today he is the boss!

_101047288_fff.jpgWhen 20 overs of IPL’s most exciting match were held on Wednesday night at 9.30 pm, the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) was blurred, but its victory started to appear.

After the outbreak of Virat Kohli, the South African duo (AB de Villiers and Quintan de Coke) showed why they should not be underestimated.

False Team in the Middle Then, the small but effective innings of Washington Beautiful, on the last ball, brought Bangalore’s team over 200.

And whenever the first playing team crosses the 200 mark then it becomes difficult to chase the team pursuing the goal. But for the team that does not have Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

The Bangalore team could have seen their winnings after the half-match was passed but they did not forget that the team that is in front of Chennai Super Kings (CSK), which looks so far backward, but never out of the match.

And its biggest reason is Dhoni.

Virat Kohli’s team broken

And the same thing happened. Virat Kohli’s team was looking good after batting but after about two hours when his players were coming out dragging the feet from the ground, the faces were tight and the neck was hanging.

You may be surprised to know that the CSK, chasing 206 runs, had taken 12 overs to complete 100 runs.

In the remaining 8 overs, he had to score 106 runs, but Dhoni and Ambati Rayudu made fun of this difficult goal with their double-edged innings. The target of 206 runs was like the mountain, the two balls were complete with the remainder.

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In a very simple innings, Dhoni scored 70 runs in 34 balls including one four and seven sixes. Prior to that, Rayudu, who played on the crease, played the spine, scoring 82 runs in 53 balls, including three fours and eight sixes.

Seeing De Villiers’s innings, he looked at everything but the second innings forgot the first one. There were 33 sixes in the match, which is the IPL record. Chennai has so far crossed 200 ratings points in two matches so far.

Dhoni did not give any chance

But the difference between the two is that Rayudu’s catches and then run out Dhoni, on the other hand, did not give a slight chun on the front team and only after the team reached victory. When he was on Peak, he was called the best finisher of the world, and on Wednesday night, he was called Aks.

These days, Kohli’s handling of the Indian team and the weakness of the RCB is that they did not have good bowlers to bowl the last over. And Dhoni knew this much more than Kohli.

During CSK’s batting, it was not like an over or a moment when Dhoni had a wrinkle on his face, nor did he play such a shot, because of which he is in a hurry or under pressure.

The shot which struck, was so straight that it reached the boundary. There were also some overs that did not have any special run on five balls, but Dhoni, without taking a slight tension, got the boundary on the last ball.

Shot selection and body language had a swag which was identified only with Dhoni.

Anushka Sharma’s laugh disappears

While Dhoni had not landed on the field, the RCB’s bowlers were doing amazing and the grin of Anushka Sharma, wife of Virat Kohli sitting in the stands, was rising.

After his arrival, Anushka got worried about the face and changed his smiling face to Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi.

And Dhoni knew that what he did was a matter of surprise for everyone, but it is normal for him.

After winning the match, he said, “The most important thing to chase the goal is to know how many overs left of the bowlers and when the captain is over. You plan and play accordingly. ”

And remember them well what the finisher means and what can happen tomorrow. “You win some matches, some lose, but the finisher’s job is to complete the job and help others. Sharing experience as you may not be playing tomorrow. ”

The face of Kohli was hanging
Before the match, Kohli and Dhoni were seen laughing, shaking hands and hugging, but when the match was over, Dhoni was smiling and Kohli started moving forward with his hand in mind.

Both make good, but when playing against each other and losing in the account, there is also a glimpse from the words. Kohli said after the match, “Dhoni is looking at the finest touch. They are able to hit the ball in a great way, but it is sad that it happened against our team. ”

Tens of players in the dugout or tens of thousands of spectators in Bangalore’s Chinnaswamy Stadium will have any effect on ‘RCB, RCB’ and ‘CSK, CSK’, but they do not have any impact on these things. Does not matter.

After the match ended with his trademark six-wicket haul, when Harbhajan Singh got excited and tried to lift him up, Dhoni refused, and allowed him to do so in a rigid manner.

The yellow flags were hanging on the stadium’s stand; the players in the yellow dress were dancing on the ground, but a man standing among them stood still. Oh, my lover!

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