Kim Jong un has ever seen ‘sad’

_101012932_9ece46f5-5a79-44dd-917c-89462fdaf3c1.jpgNorth Korea’s leader Kim Jong has heard the stories of his ‘cruelty’ so far about him. You will have seen or read hundreds of missile tests, threatening to ruin their world and barbaric punishment.

But have you ever seen or heard them being sentimental?

But for the first time, the emotional face of Kim Jong, his face has come out in the media. In these pictures, the sense of duality is on their face.

This picture belongs to a hospital in North Korea, where he went to meet some wounded.
On Sunday, 36 people were killed in a bus bar of tourists in North Korea’s Hwange province.

Among the dead were 32 Chinese and four were North Korean citizens.

Kim Jong reached the hospital to meet the injured tourists in the accident. They have expressed “deep sorrow” on the incident.

According to North Korea’s news agency KCNA, “Kim Jong, he has said that he is deeply hurt by this unexpected accident.”

“They have not been able to stop themselves from expressing condolences for the families of those killed in the accident.”

After all, what is the truth about the bending of North Korea?

What are you changing Kim Jong?
In the accident, he reached the hospital with the injured people and took “self-information about the treatment”.

He also went to the Chinese Embassy located in Pyongyang, where he met Chinese envoy Li Jinjun in North Korea and “expressed heartfelt condolences and sympathy”.

China is the main political ally of North Korea and the largest trading partner.

Kim Jong visits himself with the injured, and his reporting in the media is being seen as being his image among the Chinese people.

North Korea has many restrictions on the media.

Kim Jong, how much do you know about this North Korea

Nearly 80 percent of tourists visiting North Korea are from China, which is also the main area of ​​Pyongyang’s earnings.

Early this year, Kim Jong reached Beijing to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping. This was his first foreign visit.

China gives food and oil to North Korea and it is considered as an important partner in many other ways.

North Korea had recently talked of putting a stop on all missile tests and in the coming days, with South Korea and US leaders Kim Jong will meet those proposed summit.

North Korea announces no missile and nuclear test
America-North Korea’s Secret Meeting, Four Important Questions

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