Is the Internet promoting zealot ideas?

_101041813_556cbd8d-f797-4681-9d53-8dcad5472a4b.jpgThere have been wins in every round of the world. The rebels have awakened the revolution. But there is no one to come across the revolution from the Internet. The Internet also gave voice to those whose voices were silent. The Internet united the whole world by cutting down the colors, caste, religion and walls of the border.

It is believed that the internet has given the actual freedom to the person. Every person can speak their point here. Two people present in any corner of the world can join each other. Apart from leaving them, we can share our opinions with the ideas.

In response to this freedom of the Internet, US social scientist and law expert Ken Sundene warned.

According to Sunstein, the Internet is freeing humans from all kinds of restrictions. But in lieu of this, new kind of walls are standing. The world is dividing into different camps. People of similar thinking are spreading in the villages. The information of such people is also very important. As a result, the second aspect is neither seen nor the desire to accept anti-ideology remains.

The Indian who is considered the ‘villain of the Internet’

If one day the internet is closed!
Explain the effect of information
For such people, sunstein uses special terminology ‘echo chamber’. That is, the scope of such people, which only hear our voices.

Many knowledgeable facts about Sunstein’s words Also, they also say that the information given in affluent groups is also very trimmed. For example, on Twitter or Facebook, any information that is given to the libraries is already filtered on the social media platform.

Ottawa’s Professor Elizabeth Dubey in Canada says that there is a vast ocean of information on the Internet. No one can use all kinds of information. This kind of cut-out information helps people regain their opinions. But, it does not mean that people become enslaved to only one thought.

There is no doubt that the information of Manarajeo impacts. In spite of this, there is a clear view of people. For example, during the presidential election of the United States, 78 percent of the people were in favor of improving the lives of black people. While there were only 31 percent of people in support of Trump. Yet the outcome of the Presidential election was in reverse. So it is difficult to say that online information is successful in conforming the political understanding of the people.

Some knowledgeable people also say that the impact of the reported information is said to be exaggerated.

Professor Saith Flexman of Oxford University has a research on 50 thousand people browsing history. These people saw the most to be the most important news website. This website presents a stereo view of the world. Whereas these people also saw the website, which takes care of this point of view.

There are some sites for news that most people browse. But the other platforms of social media also provide many kinds of information. They also play a vital role in making a point of view.
The effect of eco-chamber on the internet
Flexman’s research was on the foundation of data collected in 2013.

Professor Elizabeth Duboy of Ottawa University also brings out some similar results through his research. They did this research on nearly two thousand British citizens.

They found that the majority of participants in research were already reading and understanding different political ideologies, which are not exactly matched with their own ideology. While there were eight people who were living in their own eco-chamber.

According to Professor Duboy, these eight-point figures are also dangerous. It is also important for all the people to have a strong opinion in order to realize the perceptible view.

However, most of the information is believing that there is no particular impact of filtered information on the Internet or the eco-chamber. People do not get stuck on one of the news sites. Rather, they are also found on anti-ideology sites. This also leads to political polarization.

Professor Christopher Bell of Duke University of Britain says that mentality also influences our decisions. In fact, we are so connected to our political identity that they do not want to hear anything. If there is any opposition voice coming out from the front, we become more and more enslaved rather than counting on our points of view or improving it.
Negative ideology spreads more strongly
In the United States, when the voices for the rights of homosexuals came out, the republican and Democratic considerations were different from each other. And both of them were stuck on their own ideologies. Rather than bringing change in his ideas, his ideology had already been strengthened. Both felt that their stand was right. The same should be executed.

During this campaign, many linguists analyzed the words used on the social media in the camps of Republican supporters. It has been found that the strong language used to strengthen radical ideology has been used more than liberal ideology. Knowledgeable say that when liberal minded people do not bring their flexibility in their affairs, So, negative ideology spreads more strongly against them.

Perhaps this is the reason that in India too, people who call themselves Liberal Jamaat are facing fierce opposition. In most discussions, they often come in a minority and then go on marginalized.
Ideas promoting radicalism
Psychologists see another aspect in this. They term it as ‘self-licensing’. That is, if such people ever support one’s ideology. So, the next time they oppose the same ideology they begin to understand their rights.

According to a 2008 study, those who supported Barack Obama, later the same people got the support of apartheid ideology. That is, once after supporting Black American, they got a license for that, now they can keep their opinion against this and say they are not apartheid.

If that happens, then they never support Barack Obama. With this, when thoughts of disagreements over Facebook or Twitter are spread, they also promote fundamentalism.

Similarly, when issues arise in news channels, no one is ready to listen to anyone. Everyone in the debate thinks that his stand is best. Then he forces the face to the point that he talks about it. And this is how the atmosphere of radicalism is ready.
It is not possible to rein in online agenda
Apart from this, no research denies that social media is not used for manipulation. Recently, a study by a Science Journal stamped on the fact that Fake News spreads fast on social media with fierce news. Many people may not be affected by the echo chamber, but an effort to impress their thinking through specific types of advertising is definitely done.

Researchers after all the research have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to rein in online agenda. It can be stopped only through the medium of media-education through the medium of education. Children should get used to thinking of rational thinking from the school itself. The internet is about thirty years old but it is a pity that we have not yet learned the proper use of internet.

The medium, which was the greatest strength to ever connect the world. Today the same medium is spreading the idea of ​​disbelief

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