From whose pen the truth of Asaram came in front


In the case of rape with a minor girl, Asaram has been sentenced to life imprisonment while convicting him.

But to get them behind the bars of the prison, there is a big role of journalist Narendra Yadav, who did not come in any temptation and boldly reporting.

After being sentenced to Asaram, journalist Narendra Singh of Shahjahanpur spoke in detail in all the obstacles and challenges faced by him in this entire process.

He said, “For the first time on August 20, 2013, this matter came to light. Since the victim was from the city of Shahjahanpur and I used to cover the work-beat beats here, I was given the responsibility to know it.”
Narendra Yadav was lured to write news in favor of Asaram
Five lakhs sent to the packet
Narendra Yadav says that first we did it like a crime in general, but when it reached the depth of the case and the ‘dangerous’ person wrapped in a spiritual bell, we made it a mission.

He explains, “Then like the obsession, I will be judging the daughter of Shahjahanpur, whatever it is.”

Narendra Yadav points out that all such attempts have taken place so that I can get away from this story but those people are not able to succeed.

Narendra Yadav mentions an incident, “Some hoodlums have done something to threaten me first, then I tried to scare them with a mechanism.” One day after me, a person named Narayan Pandey came in. He got a packet Giving that, Bapu has sent ‘Pradhan of Sadhbuddhi’ for you, read it, keep it and write the news in favor of Bapu. If you do not do it then you will be destroyed. ”

Narendra Yadav explains that when the packet was opened, there was a Rishi Prasad magazine, there were some newspapers in which the statements of Ashok Singhal and many big leaders were printed in favor of Asaram.

Narendra Yadav did not take this thing very seriously but in the next few days, he was attacked with sharp weapons.

He explains, “Then a few days later a person came to me with five lakh rupees and said that this token is money, he will get further.”

He says, “I told him that Asaram did not commit a crime, but committed many crimes, my pen will not bend, will not stop or will sell, and I scolded him.”
Narendra attacked Yadav
‘More Threats to Me’
Narendra Yadav works in Dainik Jagran newspaper in Shahjahanpur and at the same time he was working there too. He explains that the newspaper gave him a lot of support and gave full exemption to publish the correct news.

According to them, many newspaper reporter were also surprised that why are they getting all the news, “but the truth is that I tried to print every correct thing related to that matter, even if I had to suffer the loss of her . ”

Narendra Yadav says that he wrote about 287 stories in this matter and everyone had a great effect. Although, during this time, they were not only assaulted, but all Asaram’s supporters boycotted them and accused Bapu of being innocent and accused him of writing misinformed news.

Despite the assassination of Narendra Modi on the attack in 2014, the administration has given him security, despite this he says, “Asaram’s disciples have been so much brainwashed that they are ready to do anything for him. My question is, then the danger is increased on me. ”

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