Fidaean ants Who fly themselves

_101027945_gettyimages-144954625.jpgThe nine ants are known for their hard work. Those tunes are confirmed and do not stop without completing the work.

Apart from this, they are also praised that they take too much weight by themselves, despite being very small. The social fabric of the ants is also very dangerous.

But now there is news that can surprise you. The world has now come to know about such ants that those who give martyrdom.

These cats blast themselves like a raid on a fugitive. Yes, you read right.

The New York Times has told the study published in Zuckeyes that there are many houses of close prairie in front of the Kuala Bellatta Field Studies Center in Brunei, who do not withdraw from their lives in the face of an attack on their home. .

Due to the special tendency to blast these ants, called colobopsis explosion.

When their nests are attacked or encroached they burst in their stomach.

By doing so, he gets sticky, glowing, yellow fluid from the stomach, which is poisonous. Just like a bee stings after a sting, so also these ants give their lives.

But their martyrdom saved the colony.

The scientists are aware of these cracks that are about to burst for more than two hundred years and were first written about them in 1916.

But since the year 1935 the ants of this group were not given any official name

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