Do the support of Maoists is decreasing in Gadchiroli

_101040866_gettyimages-483685743.jpgThe wall made of bricks and the roof of the tin. This house of a room may still be empty, but it was once used to be ancestry of a young couple of the tribal community.

Sukdev Wedde, 26, and some years old, Nanda, had celebrated the occasion to celebrate the birth of his daughter in simplest terms. Today it looks like an empty warehouse.

Sukhdev was from Gadchiroli and his wife Nanda from Maharashtra’s Cantt of Bastar in Chhattisgarh. Both used to stay in the small house near Gadchiroli town.

In the year 2015, I had met him. He had told that both of them were married in the year of marriage in the year 2014. It was an inter-caste marriage.
Change the environment
Sukhdev and Nanda used to be the fighters of CPI Maoists, who once used to take armed iron from police forces. His life was spent in the jungles.

He told me that during this time, both of them got involved in love and disillusioned with their previous life. Both of them wanted to increase their family, so they decided to give birth to their child.

These two are not alone. Like about 150 couples who used to be a gunfighter, they are living a simple life today.

Not just the desire to increase the family, due to many other reasons, the environment of the Far East forests of Maharashtra has changed. In the jungles between Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the coins of these Maoists were ever going on.

For nearly three decades, they remained a challenge for the state government and the police forces.

Much more money than the states affected by Maoist violence
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Police claim
In the anti-Naxal campaign of Gadchiroli Police on Sunday and Monday, the C-60 commandos claimed to have killed 37 Maoists in their two-day operation.

Two of the killed Maoists also included two officers.

Police claimed that many Maoists were killed in the operation carried out in Bodiya forest of Kansasur village of Bhamragarh in Gadchiroli, of which 16 bodies have been recovered.

This area falls on the border of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. On Monday, the police claimed that they had killed six Maoists in the Gimlagatta area.

A day later, on Tuesday, there was talk of getting bodies of other alleged Maoists from Indravati river. From where this body was claimed to be found, he was very close to the place where the operation was conducted on Sunday.

Overall, in two days, the police claimed to have killed 37 Maoists, which is by far the highest number.
Understanding Understanding Changes
Some of the alleged Maoists have been confirmed, while others are being identified. According to sources in Bhamragarh, last week the police launched the campaign in Gadchiroli south of Gadchiroli. Petrol was also done there.

This claim of police is being considered as the biggest dent in the Maoist region. So many Maoists were never killed in two days intervals.

According to the statistics of the district police, between 76 and 74 Maoists were disabled between 2013 and 2017. In 2013, 27 Maoists were killed most.

During the operation this year 25 soldiers of the security force were also killed. According to the figures, about 200 Maoists had surrendered during this time.

At the time of the arrest many Maoists surrendered, which has been proclaimed by police as their success.

Gadchiroli: Claim to kill 14 Maoists in encounter

Reason for change
Maharashtra’s Director General of Police Satish Mathur described this success as a success of intelligence systems on Monday.

It is said that the Maoists are now moving towards rehabilitation. They are taking these steps after banning the organization during the period of love relations and former prime minister Manmohan Singh.

The armed movement is weakening due to the changing social, economic and political environment.

A document of CPI Maoist’s Central Committee said in September 2013, “In the last few years, due to the continuous arrests in the last few years, the movement in Maharashtra has become weak and the movement has weakened even across the country.”

The activation and expansion of the People’s Guerrilla Liberation Army has also diminished. Recruitment of people has decreased. The number of people leaving the organization has also decreased.

Due to intelligence information, armed struggle has diminished and the strength of the organization is decreasing due to the violence against the locals of the Maoists.

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What is C-60?
In order to combat guerrilla tactics, the Maharashtra Police established a special team, which included the local tribe.

In this special group made in 1992, people of 60 local tribe groups were included. Gradually the strength of the party increased and their operation against the Maoists continued to grow.

Due to information of local information, language and culture of people belonging to the tribal group, the guerrillas succeeded in taking the iron from the fighters.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016, the C-60 commands were successful in many operations.

When Sukhdev and Nanda were getting married, many fighters who had ever fought with them had joined their happiness. Though a beginner may have begun to start her family life with a fighter, the strategy of these governments is seen as a success.

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