Colorful flavors of food

This year’s Pink Ledy Food Photography Competition was selected in many categories.

This picture was declared the best of about 40 thousand entries from 60 countries. The picture of the devotees breaking into fast in a Hindu temple was captured by Bangladeshi’s Noor Ahmad Gilal in his camera.

Victor Puegueau has taken this picture of alcohol in which the wine is falling into the tank. He got the title of Overall Wine Photographer of the Year for this.

Debadatta Chakravarti won the Harvest category. This picture of trapping the fish to catch the fish is Bengal.

This picture of honey is taken by Aniko Luife. In it, lavender honey is being dropped on the broken honeycomb of honey. Aniko is also a well known food blogger.

This photo of Michael Mason has been the best in the Apple a Day category. He imprisoned the flowering blossoms of the rose through the apple in the camera.

Oliver Hoder has taken this picture to the first place in the Food of the Press category.

For this picture of green beans, Andy Grimshaw has received the first prize for Cream of the Crop category.

This photo got the first award for The Food at the Table Category. This photo has been taken by Tom Parker. In this, Chef is presenting its dish in a Colombian hotel.

Linda Taylor received a reward for this very beautiful picture of pears and pastries.

This photo of Chef Calam Franklin made pie in his pie room was awarded in Food in Action category. This photo was taken by John Kerry.

This photo of Derek Sani is best described in the British Food Festival category.

Prabal Rashid took this picture of a fisherman making food on the boat in Bangladesh. It got a win in the Food for Life category

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