Blog: BJP’s statement, Narendra Modi’s remonstrance to brave

_101023876_gettyimages-682220296.jpgThe matter got so thick that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to tell the statements of the BJP bravely – stop, do not give statements on the camera after seeing every issue. Be in restraint

He has warned the BJP leaders through the Namo App that it is not right to utter anything and said, “We only make some mistakes by making people of the media spice.”

However, he did not clearly tell which BJP leaders’ “mistakes” have hurt them.

‘Respected Minister! How will it work without maids?

This kind of acceptance comes less than that of Modi and if ever Modi has expressed regret, then there is a lot less apathy.

Thank you for the media
He had aroused the question of killing of Muslims in the riots of Gujarat, “If the child of a small dog also falls under the car, then does the pen feel fired or not?”
The media should be thankful to Modi that even in the last four years, even before being Chief Minister in Gujarat, he has provided such a spice to the media in abundance.

Fifteen years ago, in Modi’s election meetings in Gujarat, when Modi called Mian Musharraf by emphasizing Pakistan’s military dictator to mark Muslims and Christians differently and attacking the then Chief Election Commissioner JM Lyngdoh, In order to establish his Christian identity, he used to call James-Michel-Lyngdoh repeatedly, and then there is no one to explain it to him. It was said that with such statements “the country is also damaged and the party is also damaged.”

To justify such statements, Modi has often said that many things are said to educate the public during the elections.

BJP leaders, activists and supporters have been taking inspiration from their statements as well as their silence on serious matters.

Order of ‘Judge’ Uma – fill the salt and pepper in the skin

Why Modi may not like Modi-devotee
When the Prime Minister of the country comes down on personal attacks while criticizing his political opponents, why should not the other leaders and workers who take advantage of his personality and work and gain the advantage of moving forward?

Prior to the election, Modi always used to tell Rahul Gandhi as Yuvaraj.
Even after winning the election, he did not give up this habit of private surveillance and said during the debate within the Parliament – some people’s age increases but mental development does not happen.

There was no need to de-code these things mentioned in the euphoria. Everyone knew what they were attacking.

When Not Needing Understanding
If there is any suspicion in Shubah, then Narendra Modi threw away the heirs of Hamid Ansari, who was retiring from the post of vice-president, to the farewell ceremony.

He said in clear words in Hamid Ansari’s filled house that most of your time had passed between the Muslims and his issues and you remained within that area. He said, “Even after retirement, most of your work remains the same – whether it is a Minority Commission or a Aligarh Muslim University, then a radius remains yours.”

Was all these things told spontaneously? Was it a coincidence to remember Prime Minister Modi’s resignation on the laughter of Congress’s Renuka Choudhary?
When Modi was silent agreed
Such statements of the most powerful leader like Modi’s prime ministerial candidate, Hindutva, who works in alleyways, motivate the moneylenders to do something.

And you see that there is a case of rape against a minor girl in Kathua, a child of eight or a girl in Unnaun, a lynching of Akhalak, Ashul Khan, Junaid, the murder of Afrajul at the hands of Shambhunath Ragad, in the hands of the Muslims buying cattle and cattle in Jharkhand. Killing – Any statement of Sangh Parivar that is appropriate for every incident, but justifying it, comes forth with a brave sina stopping.

These include not only small workers but also the Union Ministers, MPs, legislators and party officials.

MP Sakshi Maharaj Nathuram Godse is called Rashtrawakha.
Union Minister Santosh Kumar Hegde declares that the BJP has come to change the constitution.

In Haryana, BJP government minister Anil Vij tells Narendra Modi to be larger than Mahatma Gandhi.

On the causes of rape, Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya in Madhya Pradesh government says that if Sita Lakshman crosses the line then Ravan will defeat.
RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat
And the ideological guru of all of them, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat of RSS, tells Western culture the reason for the rape.

In such a case, only one meaning can be taken from the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi – consensus

But why did he speak now?
But why was the silent Prime Minister Modi suddenly wondering if the party’s image was being harmed due to the party leaders giving the statement?

Why did he have to say through the Namo App, “We have to put ourselves in restraint, whatever is the responsibility of speaking everything should be spoken.” If everyone continues to talk, then the issues change, the country is also damaged, There is also a loss of the party? ”

In the same way as in the past, in many parts of the country, minors, farmers, women and students have come to protest on the different issues and In view of this, the country’s loss is not known but Narendra Modi should worry about the loss of the party. And now

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