Why is ‘most suicides’ in india’s barmer ?


From Jodhpur railway station, I took a cab for Barmer to report the sensational incident of hanging from a single tree of dead bodies of two minor Dalit girls and a minor Muslim boy in Barmer.

The cab asked that where to go to Barmer, I told that to the village where the bodies of three minors are hanging from the tree, they reverted and asked what worked – I told the journalist.

He said to leave, this is also a story, who came to Delhi to do it, even know where it is that village

I felt shocked that the incident did not have any impact on the cab driver on the incident, where every person in the newsroom had become restless.

I also asked – why?

He said – ‘Hey brothers, all three have committed suicide. People in Barmer commit suicide on talk. ‘

Then she started to tell how a Dalit girl and a Rajput boy committed suicide in Barmer last month, because the two families were not ready to marry.

‘Number one’ in suicide
However, after traveling hours in desert and deserted areas, when I reached the village of Sarwar in Sarwar of Barmer, the parents of minor Dalit girls have repeatedly said that their daughters have been murdered but so far they have committed suicide in police investigation. That is being said. Many villagers are also treating it as suicide.
According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Surendra Prajapat of the area, in the interrogation of the villagers, it was also reported that one of the two girls had tried to give life by jumping in water socks a few months ago.

In Barmer people keep digging a pit for depositing rain water behind their homes, which are called tanka. These stamps are now confined under the schemes of the government like MNREGA, in which the use of deposited water is used only for drinking water.
Barmer uses such puddles to collect rain water, which is called stitch
By the way, these two are not alone cases, in every other third house in Barmer, there are cases of self-murder or attempt to murder.

Although, according to the rate of suicides in India, information about any reliable assessment of the districts is not available, but broadly, the suicides of women, farmers and children are to make Barmer the poorest district of India.

According to the statistics of Barmer district police, in the year 2017, there were 125 cases of suicide in the district. In 2016, 134 cases of suicides were reported, whereas in 2015, there were 139 cases recorded.

In these figures, if men and women want to see the average, in 125 cases of 2017, where 86 men died, there were 39 women in it. In 2016, 84 men and 50 women committed suicide. In 2015, 70 men and 67 women had embraced death.

Bone alone
Barmer district superintendent of police Gagandeep Singha explains, “We have a higher suicide rate compared to the remaining districts. People are far away from being moldy culture, there is no collective family in Dharni, in such a situation, People do not commit suicide automatically if they do not communicate. We have started the helpline and have tried to reduce it by making people conscious and not succeeding. It is. ”
In Barmer, sticks and huts are said to be, in a cottage, there is a house full of one family. But such incidents can break down as a horror for a family, it will only happen if you meet the Piramam Jat of Khempura Bachdaur in Barmer’s Dhormimna area. Until 10 months ago, Piramam’s family played laugh.

There was a small private job, there was a salary of 10 thousand rupees, three children and wife. But everything was devastated in one stroke. Pareram explains, “What should I say, my mother and my wife became tired at the small talk, my wife jumped into the sack with my three daughters.”

Three children died in this accident and the wife of Piramaram was saved due to water shortage in the stitches, the police arrested her. “People who earn 10 thousand rupees have to spend lakhs of rupees after taking loans, the wife has got bail,” says Piramaram.

Peeraram, his wife and mother, all are living together, but the family is in debt burden and the Sisars get up while living in the memory of innocent parents.

Current BJP MP from the area, Colonel Sona Ram also admits that suicides in Rajasthan are common problems, but it is more in comparison to other districts in Barmer. Sona Ram won the BJP as a candidate in 2014, but from 1996 to 2004, as a Congress candidate for 11th, 12th and 13th Lok Sabha elections, she became a Member of Parliament.

Economic situation is also reason
Even after being a public representative for so long, he regrets that his area of ​​suicide is a bad reputation. He explains, “The economic condition of the people in the terrain is very weak, people have no opportunity to work in the workplace, which is causing the crisis of life in front of the people.”
Lata Katchwacha, running local awareness campaign for not committing suicide to women in Barmer
However, Barmer District Magistrate Shivprasad Madan Nakote claims that the situation is improving and people are being made aware. They said, ” Helpline has been started to reduce the suicide of common people and especially women in the district, where two sensitive counselors are always present to talk to women, two sensitive women constables have been deployed to listen to their grievances. ”

Well, there are also marvelous marriages due to this, in the rural areas of this district of Rajasthan, girls are married at a very young age even today, after which in many cases marriage is not successful only in men, even in men. The cases have come up.

Gagandeep Singhal says, “In some pockets of Barmer, such as Bhura Area, Bytu Area, Godha Malini Area, these cases have been found to be more visible, these are the areas which are in Jat and Bishnoi areas.”

Gagandeep also says that the trend of suicides in Barmer has not increased in three to four years, but traditionally the rate of suicide in this district has been high.

Reasons for Modernity
In Barmer since 1990, the social activist and activist of the NGO Surya Shant, who has been involved in the social work since 1990, said that Kartva is the victim of suicide in the district, which has taken the form of pandemic. She says, “In urban or rural, there are cases of suicides everywhere. In urban one of the girls, there has been a competition of mock modernity and on the other hand suicide due to suspicion of untimely relationships.”
Speaking about the problem of former Sarsand from Barmer and member of Rajasthan Assembly at the present time, Manvendra Singh explains, “Actually the family’s hypothesis is breaking, people have come forward even by imitating the cities. I think joint families Due to the scarcity and lack of mutual trust in the family, such suicides are coming out. ”

At the same time, Barmer’s district magistrate Shivprasad Naak says that to save the women from the district from depression and loneliness, he has set up self-service groups of about 2.5 million women in the last one year. So that they can establish a world of interaction and communication.

What is the administration?
Not only this, the scheme of providing sewing embroidery and handicraft training to women is being implemented through the Corporate Social Responsibility Fund of the corporate group at all Anganwadi centers of the district, with the aim of providing livelihood opportunities.

According to the District Magistrate, the center of mental health has been opened separately in the district hospital and efforts are being made to deploy these doctors till the remote areas.

Not only this, now the lid appears in the stitches in the place of place, apart from that, the zanjeer is also being dug from the district administration so that if anyone jumps, then he can save himself from death.
Love charities, who are doing journalism for the past decade in the area, say, “These suicides should be seen in addition to the love affair and domestic discord, that the farming season in Barmer is based on rain, there is hardly a crop, that too Depending on the rain, financial constraints are also a major factor in suicide. ”

However, Manvendra Singh does not believe that due to the backwardness of development, suicides have taken the form of pandemic in their area, they say, either road or electricity, see village village has been linked to this problem. The root is hidden within the society, which is the solution to the society itself.

At the same time social worker Lata Kakchhwara believes that there is a need for continuous counseling campaigns to be conducted at large level among the people of the district. These counseling needs to be provided to the rural areas ranging from school children to far flung areas.
At the same time senior journalist Prem Dan says that till the people get no business, water management is not done for the cultivator till then the village and the city will not be eaten and this will be difficult.

According to Barmer area, Rajasthan is the third largest district, after Jaisalmer and Bikaner, the population is more than 1 million and this entire district is basically based on farming.

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