Why are Kashmir’s Shopian becoming the stronghold of extremists?

_101005456_gettyimages-694197146.jpgShopian – India is a district of administered Kashmir, which has been a matter of concern for security agencies due to the increasing influence of extremism.

If you look at the beauty of the showpiece, then the question will surely arise in your mind that why shopkeepers finally become a stronghold of extremism.

Shoppers settled under the snow-covered hills of Pir-Panjal were once called the Sheen-i-One i.e. snowflake forest. Not only this, Shopian is also known for its apple gardens.
According to information given on the official website of Shopian district, the population of 613 sq kms with four police stations is 2.66 lakh and about 95 percent of the people live in villages.

The apple gardens in Shopian are so dense that hardly any person can be searched in these orchards. This is also one of the reasons that the extremists prefer to take shelter here.

Sunny roads and empty terraces
There is a long silence on the roads that go far and wide in Shopian, but there is an atmosphere behind this silence, which has created panic among the common people here.
In the past year, there have been more encounters between the security forces and extremists in southern Kashmir and dozens of extremists have been killed.

Not only this, among those who join the extremist factions in Shopian, local youths are also involved.

According to police data, in the last one year, 58 young people have joined extremists in Shopian, out of which more than 20 have been killed.
Three extremists have been killed in the month of April only in Shopagam Pora village of Shopian. On 17th April another young Abid of this village joined the Nazir Chopan extremist group.

NDA youth involved extremist
According to family members, Abid joined the Indian Defense National Defense Academy (NDA) in 2012. He was studying engineering in the Indian state of Punjab.

Abid’s father, Nazir Ahmad Chopan, says, “Abid had come on a holiday and on the day the social media showed his waving photo, it was like death for me, it happened like I was dead. Went out of food in a way and then he did not return. ”
Abid nazir
When Abid Nazir’s father was asked that why the youths of Shopian youth are joining the extremist groups on the day, he said, “What can I say on this, I am a small person, these big people can tell Why are these young men being forced to take the gun? You should ask those people who run politics, they also know the reason why they are doing so. Why are the young boys picking up the arms, the piece of liver went away, I am crying so much that why did they go? There is so much the duty of a parent to teach their children, what I have done Now what’s my fault? ”
Nazir Ahmad Chopan, father of Abid Nazir
What does a extremist father say?
The son of Bashir Ahmad Ture, a second father living in Shopian, died on April 1 in an encounter with the security forces.

Bashir Ahmed says his son has been forced by police and security agencies to take the gun.

Bashir Ahmad said, “My son was trapped in a fake case by the police, there were nine cases registered against him, the PSCA was imposed on him, the police accused him of stoning. It is true that he works with the Hurriyat He fled from the police station in 2017. From 2004 he started harassing him, he used to raise voice against the oppression that was there, that was his fault. ”
Bashir Ahmad, father of the dead extremist Zubair Ture
Bashir Ahmed says that I never asked him to leave the weapon again.

Upon asking, what would you do if your second son raised a gun?

Army-police in Jammu and Kashmir face-to-face?

Explosion near Shopian mosque, six wounded

The 80-year-old can also pick up a gun

He says, “He is still studying, if he is so oppressed, son, can I raise a gun of an 80-year-old man, I also spoke to SP one day.”

Bashir Ahmad believes that lifting a gun is not a solution to the issue, but the solution to the issue is in negotiations. But he also says that a gun has to be raised when there is no conversation.
Dead extremist Zubair Ture
The families of Abid and Zubair say that the tilt of both of them was towards the religion.

On April 1, 12 militants were killed in separate encounters in Shopian.

What is called Shopian’s youth?
Arshid, a student from Shopian, says on the rising influence of extremism in his area, “First you have to understand that when extremism began in the nineties, then India had misbehaved at that time that the extremists who were being created read it If you see this, then the educated people are becoming extremists. Indeed, the leaders of Hindustan are from the Kashmiri people. Kashmiri youth, who promised, Kashmiri youth want to see that promise being fulfilled. ”

Asked why most young people are becoming extremists in Shopian, Arshid says, “If you will see where the oppression has increased, South Kashmir will be seen to you and Shopian is at number one. One more thing is that the hanging of Afzal Guru, the death of Burhan Wani and the conspiracy of the Colony of the state government, the issue of Pandit Colony, giving citizenship to Pakistani refugees was lava fluttering among youth, which is now Is bursting. ”

“The extent of the oppression is that here the army, the police or any security agency will take you down from the car and ask such questions that you feel embarrassed,” says Arshid. And if Neelofar was raped and murdered, then no one was punished. You can not talk to the mob in the house after the evening, the army goes out. ”

Scared eye but not frustrated

Kashmiri shutdown on Shopian case
Extremist Zoo Bare in police custody
Inspector General of Police SP Pani of Kashmir Zone says that there are many reasons for extremist trends in the youth of Southern Kashmir.

What do you say on the Shopian Kashmir Police?
He said, “The things that are happening in the South Kashmir Anantnag, Kulgam, Pulwama and Shopian, the things that are going on in the realm of extremism will have to be understood in the right way, we can not say what you are saying to increase the figures. Or look at the ten-year figures, the average extremists are active here, these areas have been where extremist activities have been there. ”

IG Pani believes that there are many reasons for increasing trends towards extremists.

He says, “I do not believe in just one reason, there are many reasons, as if a misdemeanor is done that those who carry weapons are educated, which is not right.” It is very rare that the educated children Social media is a big reason for this. Social media is glorified by extremism, which creates an environment. ”

Take it Meaning of silence on the murder of Fayyas?

Omar Fayyaz: Tears in the house, sighs in the village
On the growing extremism in Shopian, IG Pani says, “After July 2016, there was a rapid increase in the recruitment of extremist groups in Shopian and the recruitment has been done to a great extent, the second thing is that Pakistan crosses the border The extremist who sends, their presence has also been found in southern Kashmir. ”

IG Pani says that in the last few months, nearly 11 children have returned from the path of extremism.

‘Worst situation in Kashmir through social media’

Why this summer too is boiling in Kashmir Valley

What is the reason for extremism in Shopian
Political analyst Tahir Mohiuddin says on the growing extremism in Shopian, “Nowadays, the showpiece is being seen by the extortion of extremists, more new boys are picking guns for shopkeepers, a special thing in Shopian is that there is something in Shopian area here It is the center for the religious community, which has started a new era of extremism, I think there is religious motivation in it. The second issue is this. The fact that Kashmiri policy, which came after the BJP government came to India, wants to solve all the issues of Kashmir, through which it wants to solve the problem, and here is another reason why the Burhan Wani wants to start. It happened only after Burhan Wani. ”
Taher Mohiuddin also says that all the means of pushing the voice in Kashmir have been closed, the result of which is being seen that extremism is increasing.

Shakeel Ahmad, a citizen of Shopian, says that extremists in South Kashmir feel secure themselves and that is why the extremists make their base here.

Southern Kashmir was celebrated as a stronghold of the ruling party PDP. The PDP has started its own state from southern Kashmir. Due to the turbulent conditions of South Kashmir, no pro-Indian political party can open public meetings in South Kashmir.

In the last two years, many major extremist commanders were killed in southern Kashmir. Burhan Wani was also from southern Kashmir.

In the last two months, many civilians have also been killed in exhibitions and encounter sites in Shopian.

Kashmir valley will be able to stay calm on Burhan’s anniversary?

Kashmir is returning again in the 90’s?

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