Toronto attack: van hit the pedestrians, 10 deaths


In Toronto city of Canada, a person hit the pedestrians with the van. In this incident 10 people have died and 15 others have been injured.

The police identified the suspect as the 25-year-old Alec Minasian.

He was arrested only a short distance from the scene.

The video of the people standing nearby seems to know that the driver probably kept some things on the policemen and the officers were screaming and asking him to come down. After that, the man was taken into custody without any firing.
Toronto Deputy Chief of Police Peter Yuen has appealed for eye-to-eye investigations and has said that the investigation can run long.

He said arrangements for hotline service have been arranged separately for the families of the victims and witnesses.

City Police Chief Mark Saunders said in a press conference that the incident was deliberately executed, although the motive could not be known yet.

He told that Alec Minasin was detained in the suburbs of Toronto, Richmond Hill and had no information about the police beforehand.

Spectacle statement
There is a video shop near Reza Hashemi’s scene. He told the BBC that people had heard the voices of screaming.

They told that the white colored van often climbed on the sidewalk and the people collided.

This incident took place on Monday at 1:00 pm local time at Yong Street and Finch Avenue. Police have advised people to stay away from this area. Closer Metro services have been postponed.
Toronto Police spokesman Gary Long said from Canada’s TV channel Global News, “There were reports that a white van climbed to the south side towards Yong and Finch, eight to 10 people came in grip. is not clear.”

Photos taken in the spot are showing that police is there with heavy weapons and the injured are being treated.

An orange bag can be seen in an ambulance. It seems that there is no corpse in it.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudo told reporters, “Of course, we are taking a look at the situation in Toronto.

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