That phone call, due to which Yeddyurappa’s “political game” Impaired

_101008979_fafc9337-5024-45e8-a30b-9dd41c1b1db2.jpgWhen it seemed as if the stars of BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa were getting weak in Karnataka, they surprised everyone at the party by making an announcement.

Yeddyurappa had suddenly announced during a rally in Nanjangud in Mysore that his son Vijender would not contest the election from Varuna, but instead would be given a chance to a common member of the party.

Varuna is a politically important seat as the son of Yeddyurappa was going to meet Dr. Yatindar, son of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in the assembly elections to be held on May 12.

Siddaramaiah vacated this seat, especially for his son and got himself into the electoral field from Chamundeswari and Badami in the neighborhood.

Hard to decide on the spot
In such a situation, the decision to remove Yeddyurappa’s son from Varuna has come in difficult times. He suddenly announced this last date for filing nomination.

However, one thing in this decision taken in the fun-filled manner is that it is not well within party trying to come to power after the defeat of 2013.

This decision was announced at the time when Vijender was going to enroll, and on this occasion of happiness his supporters were going to go with him.

After this announcement, the supporters of Vijendra became uncontrolled in anger and the police had to resort to the lathi charge to disperse them.

Karnataka Election: When the public made its manifesto itself

Yeddyurappa said in the rally that it is true that he had told Vijender to work in Varuna for the last 20 days so that he could capture the pulse of people.

Yeddyurappa said in his speech, “You people gave Vijender so much love that he was going to fill the form from here but please listen carefully to what I am going to say now, Vijender will not contest from Varuna. Will remain and will work for the party candidates. Now a general party worker from Varuna will contest the election. ”
A phone call and everything changed
A Karnataka BJP leader, on condition of anonymity, said, “It is true that Yeddyurappa had received a call from Delhi and he was asked why Vijender is in the process of preparing for the form but his name is not yet final seal. It is. ”

Those occasions, when the BJP gave itself only

BJP released the fourth list of candidates for the names of the candidates, but in the names of the candidates were stopped in four places including Varuna and Badami. But when Vijender’s name suddenly disappears and the phone arrives, Yeddyurappa is undoubtedly put into a situation where he is uncomfortable in getting something to say.

The 75-year-old Yeddyurappa, who led the party in 2008, opened the doors for BJP in South India, today it is difficult for him to maintain his position in the party.

Such coverage of Karnataka elections and where?

There was a time when Yeddyurappa gave the order and he was obeyed. However there are some exceptions.
Indecision on BJP
Says senior journalist Krishan Prasad, “Whatever has happened in Mysore in recent times, there is no shortage for BJP’s opinion, it has many layers, one of which is the Karnataka Janata Party (which Yeddyurappa had created) And the enmity between BJP

The Telugu issue is becoming the thunderbolt of BJP in Karnataka?

Prasad further explains, “From the beginning of the election campaign, that is, since the BJP started the transition journey, Yeddyurappa had announced candidates from Tumkur and all the candidates were from the Karnataka Janata Party. It seems now that this whole exercise of competition is perhaps to reduce the political stature of Yeddyurappa. ”

He also said that in political corridors, it was also discussed that union and BJP leaders had decided together that Yeddyurappa could not decide all alone.

There are reports that the party high command has decided to remove Vijayendra from Varuna because the expectations of winning from Varuna were low.

Right now it seems that everything between the party high command and Yeddyurappa and the different factions of the party is not going well. It is necessary to see what the politics is playing on the board of the time and what role does Yeddyurappa play in it.

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