Start a business by selling a house is now a Billionaire

_100988374_65976f64-69be-49fa-9460-ab6e011181c0.jpgAll women who buy make-up know how difficult it is to work.

There are different brand counters on the shops, where the girls on which are engaged in confronting their own products, whether they suit the customer’s skin or not.

Joe Horgon became so upset with this bullying that he decided to change Surat.

As a project manager working in a major cosmetic company in Laureal, who left his job, sold his house and opened his own store.

In this cosmetic boutique called Mecca, make-up of good companies like Nares and Urban DK were sold.

Along with that, information about luggage was clearly provided so that the customer could decide wisely.

In 1997 it was a completely new concept. That’s why its fame grew so fast that in Mecca there are 87 stores in Australia and New Zealand in just two decades, with annual earnings of 287 million Australian dollars i.e. several thousand crores.

Recognizing the right moment at the right time, Horgon is one of the biggest names in Australia’s beauty industry.
Mother used to look ready
His childhood spent in London who used to see his mother ready. She had fallen in love with makeup.

Who says, “We used to sit and talk on our old fashioned dressing table. It was a special time for us.”

When Harragon was 14 years old, his family left London and settled in Perth of Australia.

Like all the girls of her age, who like to do make-up too, but she never thought that one day make-up will become her career.

After completing his schooling from Perth, who studied English literature from Western Australia and then made masters in Communication from Boston University of America.

After this he started a job with Lorial in London and later shifted the Melbourne Office.

According to which he chose Lorial not to be made because of make-up, but to learn marketing.

He explains that “Laureal’s job was very difficult, since there was a pressure to give results and there was no compromise.”

At the time, who decided to open Mecca leaving Laureal, his age was just 29 years. According to which his age was beneficial for him because he knew what the youth wanted.

“I myself was a customer. When you know the customer well, the work becomes easier.”
Although travel was not always easy
Only a few years after the start of Mecca, the price of Australian dollar fell, due to which it was more expensive to buy foreign goods.

Its direct loss, which happened, “It was a very difficult period because you buy goods by double cost but do not tell your customer, sorry, we will have to increase the price of this item.”

Explaining this to him as a great lesson, which says, “Turning back, it was like a gift.” That gave me an unbelievable edge. I came to know what changes I had to make to continue my business. ”

Who had ruled a little over the market for nearly one and a half decades. But with Sefora coming to Australia in 2014, there was a big challenge in front of him.

Cefera is a store of LVMH (Louis Vita, Mauve Annecy), a large business group in France, which offers many great companies’ make-up and beauty products.

There are 13 stores in Cephora in Australia.
But who does not fear it
They say, “Our motive is to stay in the match for a long time and to beat them.”

It also gives the benefit of early early Maykaa, the company that came to the Internet on the Internet.

Mecca’s website is seen 9 million times every month. In addition, they also promote publicity through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

According to Horgon, his first policy to overcome competition is to improve his customer service.

For this, the company spends 3% of its turnover in training of more than 2500 employees.
Joe Horgon’s husband Peter Vettenhall also shares his hand
Company handles company with husband
Joe’s husband Peter Vettenhall also hands out in his work. He became the company’s co-chief in 2005.

Joe and Peter met during the Harvard study they have two children.

According to which they look at themselves and their husband as co-CEO because they both contribute to the company in their own way.

They tell with full dedication that “I am not a very good boss. I know that there are many things that I can not do well.”

Then how did they reach here?

Those who say, “I recruit the knowledgeable people of those areas and give them the opportunity to proceed as I have learned.”

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Now distance from Australia to London is just 17 hours

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