Social: A troll called Pooja Bhatt a drunkard so got Retort

_100995886_gettyimages-468203988.jpgActress Pooja Bhatt has stopped critics from her concrete response after being trolled for Twitter to be drunk.

In fact, recently commenting on Amitabh Bachchan Kadua and Unnao Rape case showed something to be saved.

He said it as scary and said that it is also getting worse due to speaking on it.

Pooja Bhatt reacted on Amitabh’s statement saying on Twitter: “I can not help reminding me of a movie like ‘Pink’. Can not the image appearing on the silver screen be brought in real? ‘

Amitabh keeps waiting for letters: Ali

Alia is better actress than Pooja – Mahesh Bhatt
After this tweet, Bachchan’s fans started trolling Pooja Bhatt. But some people also supported the pooja.

A fan told him good and bad on social media tweets and he was called drunk.

Troller wrote, “A seasonal worm and a well-known drunkard, Amitabh Bachchan’s name is trying to get publicity.”
But Pooja did not think it bad and responded to critics in their own way. Pooja said that I am proud that and I know what I am doing.

Pooja writes on Twitter: “I am alcoholic and am trying to recover from this addiction. I am proud of it. In a country where people discuss the problem of alcohol, they are not able to accept that they have this problem. I am grateful to stand apart from the crowd who consider it as embarrassing to accept their shortcomings.
Pooja Bhatt has told only on Twitter that he had left the liquor in December 2016 and he now only drinks alcohol.

Many people have endorsed worship after this tweet.

In support of Pooja, a tweeter user writes that people are so busy making their career that despite having Ambassador of daughter Bachao, they have forgotten their responsibilities.
Other user wrote for the person who trolled the pooja, you should be ashamed of yourself. Proud of u worship that you have the ability to fight these evils.
Let us say that Kathua Gang Rape and Unnao Rape Case have been the subject of discussion throughout the country. Some time ago Amitabh was asked a question which he had deferred.

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