Sania said – Baby Mirza-Malik is coming


Sania Mirza, the famous tennis player of India, has conveyed her pregnancy on social media. .

In this picture with Sania, #BabyMirzaMalik on Twitter, there is a child’s T-shirt between the two adult T-shirts and wrote Mirza-Malik on it.

India’s tennis sensation Sania Mirza married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in April 2010.

Sania’s father Imran Mirza has told the news agency PTI that Sania will give birth to the baby in October.

In a statement issued by a family friend, Sania and Shoaib said, “We were thinking about this for a long time and we felt that this is the right time to start a family. When we came to know, We were glad that we could not wait to share this news with our friends and fans, we are very excited about this new round of life and our new life journey as parents. ”


Sania Mirza

#BabyMirzaMalik 👶🏽❤️

5:00 pm – 23 April 2018
27.7 thousand
5,452 people are talking about this

Sania and Shoaib have been married for eight years and so far they have no children. After Sania’s tweet, people are congratulating her.

Sania Mirza surprised by Padma Bhushan

Sania does not win titles as number one
Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar tweeted “Tagged with Shoaib Malik,” I congratulate you and your beautiful wife. I was thinking of tweeting about you both yesterday. How is your marriage the best bridge between India and Pakistan? ”


Mehr Tarar

Replying to @realshoaibmalik
Congratulations to you and your lovely wife, God bless

I was thinking about you yesterday: how your love story is one of the best bridges between Pakistan and India 💞 @ MirzaSania

7:17 pm – 23 April 2018
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Some journalists are speculating that Sania and Shoaib will have a son. Pakistani journalist Ahmed Waleed wrote, “Congratulations to you, hopefully this South Asian boy will bring the two countries closer.”



Congrats @MirzaSania @realshoaibmalik May this South Asian boy

7:15 pm – 23 April 2018
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At the same time, Pakistani cricketer Fawad Alam wrote, “Mubarak ho bhabi”


Fawad Alam

@ iamfawadalam25
@MirzaSania @AmeemHaq is being responded to

5:24 PM – 23 April 2018
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Indian actress Sonam Kapoor also congratulated Sania Mirza


Sonam Kapoor

Amazing Sania! Congratulations !!

7:13 pm – 23 April 2018
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A user Alien wrote that they feel good that Sania and Shoaib’s child will keep the nickname for both.


I love that Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza’s baby will take both their names

5:44 PM – 23 April 2018
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