Rahul Will fight elections from Rae Bareli instead of Amethi?

_100987049_arat0791.jpgAmethi and Rae Bareli parliamentary seats in Uttar Pradesh are considered to be the stronghold of Congress. In the ‘Modi wave’ of 2014 the Congress party was able to save both these seats. It is a different matter that the difference of Rahul Gandhi’s victory in Amethi was definitely reduced, but the difference of Sonia Gandhi’s victory in Rae Bareli also remained the same as before.

In Amethi, BJP had fielded Smriti Irani against Rahul Gandhi in the election. In spite of losing the election to Smriti Irani, the party has made Cabinet Minister and given the important department, Smriti Irani continues to visit Amethi continuously like a MP so that the people of Amethi can realize that they will be in the next Lok Sabha elections They will fight here.

Amit Shah’s rally at Rae Bareli?
On the issue of development, she constantly tones up the Amethi MP and the Congress president, Rahul Gandhi, on Rahul Gandhi.

Although Rahul Gandhi is constantly visiting Amethi, he is also very close to the people and even accused the BJP government of stopping or reducing Amethi’s development works. But for the last four years BJP has been trying to encircle them in Amethi, and the activism of Rahul Gandhi during her visit to Sonia Gandhi’s Rae Bareli visit has been conceived once again. Will Rahul Gandhi contest from Rae Bareli seat instead of Amethi in 2019?

How comfortable Rahul is to change the face of Congress?
Why can Rahul leave Amethi?

At present, the matter is still being denied directly to Amethi but Congress leaders and workers of Rae Bareli are also directly rejecting this.

In the Rae Bareli, Congress district president VK Shukla says, “Here Soniaji will fight only and Rahul will fight against Amethi, Sonia Gandhi has joined herself and told her to be prepared for the elections. The question of thinking about does not arise, and then why will Rahul Ji leave Amethi? ”

Even if VK Shukla says so confidently that Sonia Gandhi will fight only from Rae Bareli, considering her health, there is a complete possibility that she might not fight the next Lok Sabha election. An official of the Congress party says on condition of anonymity, “Madam’s health is not coming together anymore, this time it was here for two days, but I did not meet anyone but did not talk much about it. Only played. ”

In Amethi, Congress party leaders also flare up on why Rahul Gandhi will change his seat. Buban Dwivedi, Congress youth leader in Amethi, says, “Rahul will fight only from Amethi and this time the margin of victory will break all previous records. The people of BJP have also seen how the UPA government’s projects Has been ousted from Amethi. ”
Sonia Gandhi came to her constituency a year and a half later this time. Meanwhile Priyanka Gandhi has always been visiting Rae Bareli as her representative. But this time Rahul Gandhi was together and quite active. Madhav Singh, a journalist from Rae Bareli who covers this tour, says, “Rahul Gandhi was so active in Rae Bareli for the first time. Sonia Gandhi met only a few people but listening to people’s problems and then communicating with the people, It gives some messages. ”

Amethi and Rae Bareli are considered as the traditional seat of Gandhi family in UP. Sonia Gandhi is a frequent MP from Rae Bareli since 2004 and before that she used to contest elections from Amethi. In 2004, Sonia Gandhi vacated Amethi seat for Rahul Gandhi and contested from Rae Bareli. Perhaps this is the reason why Rahul Gandhi seems to be considering the legacy of Rahul Gandhi in the event of not contesting his election from Rae Bareli.

Not only this, it is also conceivable that Varun Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi’s cousin, who is constantly ‘neglected’ in BJP, can also join the Congress party till the 2019 Lok Sabha election. In the past, a senior Congress leader said, “Varun Gandhi’s visit is almost certain but the party’s membership will be given to him at the time of election.” He claims that Maneka Gandhi is not even against it after Rahul Gandhi became Congress President.

Together they will be able to beat Modi in Benaras!

Will the opposition alone distinguish Modi’s fort?
Who will fight from Rae Bareli
A senior Congress leader in Rae Bareli said that in such a situation, changes in seats in Amethi, Sultanpur and Rae Bareli may be possible. According to him, “If Varun Gandhi joins, he can fight the election from Amethi and then Rahul Gandhi Rae Bareli and Priyanka Gandhi fight Sultanpur.”

Congress leaders do not openly talk about these possibilities, but most leaders believe that in the event of Sonia Gandhi’s non-fight, Priyanka Gandhi will contest from Rae Bareli, not Rahul Gandhi.

According to Congress leaders, in the last few years, Priyanka has called a number of Congress leaders from Rae Bareli to Delhi and have a long conversation. He not only sought information about the functioning of the party, but also sought suggestions for the future. Local leaders of the party say that Priyanka Gandhi is taking every decision related to Congress in Rae Bareli.

Recently, Congress MLC Dinesh Pratap Singh, who was involved in BJP, also affirms Priyanka Gandhi’s activism.

According to the experts, the sudden increase of activism of BJP President Amit Shah in Rae Bareli also points out that it can be easy to challenge another Congress candidate in Sonia Gandhi’s absence. But according to a BJP activist who joined Amit Shah’s rally, “The strong challenge to the Congress in Rae Bareli can only be seen in the difference of votes, not in the defeat and victory of any Gandhi family member

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