Press Review: Guilty of Tandoor and Jessica’s case Can be released!

_101008889_gettyimages-56996535.jpgAccording to the Hindustan Times, Manu Sharma, convicted of the Jessica Lal murder case and Sushil Sharma, who is serving the sentence in the Tandoor case, can be released from jail.

According to the news, the Centenus Review Board will decide about the release of about 90 prisoners, including these two. The board can meet on Tuesday. This board will include a judge, a top police officer, the Home Minister of Delhi and four other government officials.

Manu Sharma, convicted in the Jessica Lal murder case in 1999, is the son of Haryana’s former minister Vinod Sharma. They have lived in more than 15 jails. Apart from this, former Youth Congress president Sushil Sharma has been in jail for 23 years.

In the board meeting, cases of release of such prisoners are kept, which are being punished more than 10 years or whose age is high. The condition is that the prisoner’s behavior should be very good when punishing him in jail.
Murder in court
According to The Hindu, in a family court in Sombalpur district of Odisha, one person killed a woman in the sword on Monday with the sword. The assailant claims that the deceased woman was his wife.

The woman’s mother and her niece were also injured in this attack. Town police arrested the accused Ramesh in this case.

According to the report, Ramesh Kumar runs auto rickshaws. They reached court by the sword. There was a dispute with Sangeeta Choudhary, a woman whose hearing was being heard in the court.

According to the police, Ramesh Kumar and Sangeeta Chaudhary stayed together for four months and later returned to their home after having some quarrel. Later, Sangeeta’s mother made her daughter’s marriage elsewhere. Ramesh was angry about this matter.

When the matter reached the family court, the court had called on Monday to settle the agreement between the two sides. Meanwhile, Ramesh reached Talwar and reached the court and attacked the alleged wife, his mother and niece. This has resulted in an overhaul of the court premises.
Question on ordinance
According to Hindustan, the Delhi High Court asked the Central Government whether it was a scientific assessment before bringing an ordinance to the death penalty convicted for the rape of girls under the age of 12 years?

The High Court, while hearing an old PIL, questioned this. In 2013, the PIL was challenged in the Criminal Law (Amendment) In criminal law (amendment) the provision of the discretionary authority of the court to punish the convict of rape for seven years and to give less punishment was abolished.

How to tell children about rape in India?

What is the punishment of rape with the girls in the world?

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