Karnataka elections: How the traffic of Bengaluru is changing voter’s mind


If a company offers you twice the pay of your own post in the same city, then you will not even think twice for it.

But Bengaluru saw such offers with a smile in a sketch.

Because the time for the company’s office to pay more than the paycheck and the time it takes to reach the office is important.
Saroj Gaur, IT professional, says, “I know some of my friends who left their jobs because they could not bear the stress of being trapped in traffic for hours to reach their offices.”

There are more than 1.500 multinational software companies in this emerging city called Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley.
But due to the traffic problem, the brightness of this shining city has dimmed.

This problem has become more serious due to the increased number of bad facilities and trains.
Saroj working in his car trapped in traffic
IT professional Saroj has to spend his house at home for at least four hours every day to go to his office and return home.

Like Saroj, hundreds of IT professionals are trapped in traffic on the Silk Board junction every day in Bangalore, which is similar to the gateway of city’s IT Hub.

It takes 25 minutes for any IT professional to cross the traffic that takes place here.
According to the reports, traffic on this junction runs at 4.5 kilometers per hour.

According to this, it is not surprising that the city spends 250 hours in traffic jams every year.

People of Bengaluru, when ‘one day CM’

How do IT professionals face traffic?
In this way some people start working on laptops and smartphones in their cars after getting trapped in traffic.

At the same time, some people carp together with their friends so that they can be found to be lonely after feeling trapped in traffic.
Work begins for Saroj as soon as he gets in the car to go to the office.

She says, “At least sitting in the car does not end my precious time.” Before reaching the office, there was a lot of work that would have to be done, but the traffic is very tiring to you. Traffic noise, pollution and tension will give you tiredness And I feel tired even before reaching office. ”


People want PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi?
Understanding this problem, IT companies offer facilities like guest houses near the office and also offer the option of working from home.

But for some, the job is not so important that the stress caused by trapping in traffic can be overcome.

Bangalore Metro also does not give complete solutions to IT professionals.
According to the officials of the BMRC, it will take three to four years for the metro to reach the electronic city of IT offices.

Meanwhile an aviation company has started seeing this crisis as a business opportunity.

Thambi Aviation has started heli-taxi service between the electronic city and the airport.
This service can give a ride to six people at a time, which is 3,500 rupees in addition to taxes.

Govind Nair, Chief of Business Development Department of Thambi Aviation, is clear on the issue that his main customer for this service is IT professional.
A heli-taxi of Thumbi Aviation
He explains, “Bangalore is a city welcoming new ideas and solutions. If you talk about services in exchange for money, then an average IT spend spends 1000 to 1500 rupees and takes 2-3 hours to reach the professional airport. Because of this kind of service, he can spend two hours on important meetings and with the family, he saves time for them, which is important for them. ”

On the other hand, after being trapped in this Bangalore-based traffic, satire and laugh spend time by joking.
When I asked a young IT professional to tell the story of the traffic on Silk Board junction, he began to laugh and told me jokes while waiting for the green light on the signal.

He says, “Once a person in Bangalore asked the question on where to propose to his girlfriend, someone suggested that he should propose on Silk Board Junction because he had to marry in proportion to his marriage. There will be time! ”
Parodies such as @silk_board have filled many jokes with the problem of Twitter account traffic.

However, it is a different matter that traffic is not a matter of ridicule for these people and this time voting will be necessary for infrastructure to solve this problem.

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