Kapil Sharma: Travel from the sky to the ground


Kapil Sharma, who has ruled the hearts of his comedy for years, is fighting a new war nowadays. On the peak of success, they are all confused in the controversy. His new TV show has been off-air in two weeks.

Together with fellow artists, they have given new recognition to the world of comedy, most of them have become separated from them. There are reports that their health is not good. His battle with a reporter remains a matter of discussion and the matter has reached the police.

Bollywood stars or renowned cricketer used to flutter on their show at one time, their show’s TRP was skyrocketing. They were also trying their hand in the acting world. What has happened that stars of this star of comedy are running in the valley?

His fellow artists have different opinions about him. Someone is saying that Kapil has planted what he has sown, so someone is saying that this is a bad round of Kapil and bad life comes in everyone’s life.

“Every artist is in the film industry,” says Aparna Singh, who made a buzz in Kapil Sharma’s comedy show. For a moment, she has a lot of work and she is at the highest level of success and the second moment is not a work . ”

Kapil Sharma threatens, untrue things about daughter: Lalwani

What happened to Kapil Sharma when Salman went to jail?
Success brings many controversies with you. But, according to experts, Kapil’s real difficulties began when he fought last year with Sunil Grover. Along with Sunil, many actors separated from their show. Kapil could not have realized that Sunil Grover and the rest of the cast would be so heavy on him.

After leaving the show of Sunil Grover and many other artists, Kapil did many experiments in his TV show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. But he could not walk At that time Kapil Sharma’s film ‘Firangi’ was about to arrive and Kapil was confident that through this film, he would write a new story of success and answer his critics with a smash hit answer.

But that did not happen. Kapil’s movie flopped and his strategy to break from the show was also beaten up. And now when they come back with a new show, people do not get to see Kapil, whom they have come to watch on TV. Then the fight with the journalist and the villainous Galoch made the controversies deeper. Now the show is also off of air.

There are reports that their health is not functioning properly. If worship Singh is a key part of Kapil Sharma’s show, Kapil is in a depression.

What are Kapil Sharma doing these days?

Kapil Sharma, why Sunil Grover disputes over controversy
In a conversation with the BBC, the worship said, “Kapil’s film came in haste, the show did not go much unless the first show was a hit, then there was a quarrel, he came in pressure and he could not handle things. He has gone in the depression, due to such tension he has to see this phase. ”

Kapil says to be a younger brother: Kapil comes from middle class family. His best quality is that he cares about everyone. The heart is clear, which is in his heart, he says. She does not have to hide the anger, trouble That’s why Kapil has to face a lot of difficulties. That person is God, not God. Again and again, they will say good and bad, then anger will happen and people in anger often lose their temper.

Kapil’s friend Sunil Paul, who laughs with Lafter Challenge, considers him a big hearted.

“When Kapil was at the peak of the career, he got many old unemployed friends working at his show,” said Sunil Paul, who was a conspiracy to defame the entire dispute in defaming Kapil. Used to give money so that their bread and bread could be run. ”

Why Kapil Sharma’s show ended?

After the fight with Kapil, the nervous ‘Gutthi’
Kapil Sharma has been an important part of the show. Sugandha Mishra Kapadia was senior to Sugandha Mishra in college.

When the woman contestant was searching for the fourth season of Lafar Challenge, Kapil Sharma suggested Sugandha Mishra’s name. When Sugandha’s family was not willing to send Sugandha to Mumbai, Kapil explained to the family members and assured them. After that Sugandha could come to Mumbai and participate in the program.

At present Kapil is not in touch with the Sugandha team, but he has cleared that he has no personal battle with Kapil. Sugandha Mishra, who is a brother to Kapil, is currently busy with Sunil Grover on her new show ‘De Dana Dan’ and she will definitely go to the show with Kapil.

Former manager Preeti Simone, who has been associated with Kapil Sharma for a long time, says, “How did one person reach the number one position, how could he get there? It can not be due to articulation. I know Kapil, he is a great artist. Make some decisions, want to make movies, show you, want to get married, all these decisions were yours. If your decisions are the cause of the problem then work on them, do not blame others EA. ”

According to Preeti, Kapil was with her until it was okay. Her Kapil is requested to take care of her health because all the rest of the things will come and go. Worship said that he did not meet Kapil recently but got the other members of the show.

Kapil is currently out of Mumbai. Worship seems to have time to intervene with his family and relatives by taking a break from work. Worship is expected to resolve all disputes and Kapil will come out of the depression.

Kapil, who won the Lafar Challenge 3 in 2007 due to his talent, stepped into the industry. Before starting comedy nights with Kapil in 2013, he was a part of the comedy Circus.

‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ gave him a huge success as an artist. The show number one remained for three years and Kapil Sharma became known name in every house of India.

Imagine the popularity of this show that the viewers of Gutthi, Dadi, Palak and Buaar, Sunil Grover, Ali Asghar, Keeku Sharda and Pooja Singh are less known than their real names and know more about the names of the show.

Seeing the growing fame of the show, Bollywood’s big celebrities started reaching there for their film.

Big Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Anushka Sharma, Anil Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor, Dharmendra, Jitendra and Kareena Kapoor became the show’s show. .
In addition to the film world, guests also became part of the show, which included Sania Mirza, Shoaib Akhtar and Harbhajan Singh. The show also gave Kapil Sharma a celebrity status.

He hosted the 60th Filmfare Award Show with Karan Johar, but in 2015, under the direction of Abbas Mustan, he also worked in his first Bollywood film, ‘Kiss-Kiss Kya Kare Karoon’.

However, the film did not work as expected.

Kapil’s show closed in 2016 after the discontent with Colors Channel, and Kapil Sharma started the show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ with Soni Chanel in which Champu Sharma, doctors, famous Gulati, Rinku Devi and Nani were made famous.
But in the same year again Kapil Sharma came under the scourge of controversy when he banned Narendra Modi on Twitter by accusing BMC employees of bribery. After this, the case of illegal construction in his Oshiwada office came out. Although Kapil Sharma claimed that construction in the building was in accordance with approved plan.

In 2017, a video of Kapil Sharma became viral, along with his co-star Sunil Grover, Kapil appeared to speak abusive language. This dispute grabbed and most of the show artists left the show.

Kapil was busy with his second film ‘Firangi’, taking a break from the show.

The film is flop. Kapil wanted to return to the TV but due to poor health, the shooting of the day show was canceled.

Recently, Kapil Sharma became a part of a new controversy when he alleged through a tweet on a journalist that the alleged journalist was trying to show him low and conspiring to snatch the money.

Later, the journalist alleged that Kapil Sharma had given them abuses by calling them. Both have filed an FIR against each other.

Kapil’s fans will be frustrated with all these matters. Kapil Sharma, who came from a middle-class family, has struggled to achieve this position. Their journey has not been easy. But his fans would surely like that Kapil would once again be seen in that color with his old companions, due to which he reached the summit of popularity. But no matter how long they will have to wait for it, no one has the answer right now

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