Injured American soldiers are made such man again


In the place of bomb blast, the hand or foot was blown away and it was again added to the doctor-medical science. In an accident or an attack, someone’s face was impaired, it was made again with the help of plastic surgery.

We have read this kind of stories many times before and will continue to study. But now a news has come such that you will be surprised by reading. Neither of these reports have come so far nor will it be far ahead.

A team of American doctors has demonstrated the world’s first pine (penis) and scrotum (scrotum) transplant.
The surgeon of John Hopkins University of Maryland, Maryland, operated this operation of a soldier who was injured in a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

Who gave sex?

For this operation, gender, scrotum and abdominal wall were taken from a donor who passed away. It is said that these soldiers will be able to do sexual function once more, although this is not possible with pinus reconstruction.

The surgery was done on March 26 and 11 doctors carried out the operation for more than 14 hours. This is the first operation in which the entire section of the tissue, including scrotum and surrounding abdominal area, has been transplanted.

Keeping the wallet in the previous pocket dangerous for the spine?

Haemophilia: When the body does not stop bleeding

Doctors say that the testicles of the donor’s donor have not been transplanted. Dr. WP Andrew Lee, Head of Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery at John Hopkins University, said, “In some cases the limbs are bitten and they all look clean, but there are some wounds in the war about which others have an idea does not happen.”
The identity of this soldier has not been released. He said in the statement issued by the University, “When I got to know that it has become more normal than ever, now I am fine.”

How was the wounded?
This soldier had accidentally put a foot on a bomb in Afghanistan.

In the medical language, this operation is called Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation. This means that skin, bone, muscles, tendil and blood vessels (blood vessels) – all are changed in this process.

Doctors in the surgical team say that the soldiers will recover completely in six to twelve months. Dr. R. Raidet, Clinical Director of the Janiturinary Transplant Program, told that the health of the soldier is improving and he can go home this week from the hospital.

In 2016, America’s first pine transplant was done in 2016 at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and in the year 2014, South African doctors had transplanted the world’s first pineapple.

Four years after the death of the child, the child is born!

How does a person’s kidney fit in another?


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