How much power in claim of Olympic event in India?

_100987434__100890870_ee9df7b5-0aaf-482a-a82c-e871188e5ce9.jpgDuring the Commonwealth Games that ended in Australia’s Gold Coast last year, 26 times wrested with national anthem on India’s tricolor medal stand.

This was proof that India has received so many gold medals in the account.

In spite of distributing 20 silver and 20 bronze medals, India wore a tricolor.

This moment not only entices the player but also irritates the countrymen. Within itself, it feels like something that its first glance starts to look like a tear in the eyes.

What is the future of the dagar?
So, 66 medals available in the Commonwealth Games have so enthusiastically given in the Indian Olympic Association that they are making claims of hosting the 2026 Youth Olympic Games, 2030 Asian Games and 2036 Olympics Games.

Even in this regard, he also held a meeting with President of the International Olympic Association, Thomas Baque and President of Asian Olympic Council Sheikh Ahmed Al Sabah last week.

Indian Olympic Association president Narendra Batra went one step further and said that we will get the hostage or not. We will make a claim.
Is the Olympics possible to host?
But in the last Rio Olympics, just one silver and a bronze medal, India should host such a large sports fair.

In response to our question, in the year 1975, the former Olympian Ashok Kumar, who won the final of the World Cup Hockey Tournaments held in Malaysia from his goal in Malaysia and made India the champion.

He said that in the medal table we always remain downstairs.

Most games are organized in India. There is no shortage or core strength in it. Despite this, we should pay attention to the preparation of our players.

If the players are assured of becoming a champion, then more and more medals, then host the Olympics. It should not be that only the applause in the stadiums is to be played, that too for the other teams.

It is true that in India like IPL, the World Hockey League, Commonwealth, Asian Games, World Kabaddi League, World Cricket Series, even World Cup have also been successful. But they can not be compared to the Olympic Games.
2010 Commonwealth Games
After the billions of rupees are spent, how do the players get away after the end of the stadium games. This is a wake-up example, after 2010, there are stadiums of Delhi, which is like raising the daily expense of grinding Naka gram.

So would India prepare to reach the medal stage and then think of doing the Olympics after that. Ayaz Memon, who plays the game journalist and critic in the Commonwealth Games, believes that playing an Olympic game increases the country’s value and players get encouragement too. But it should not be that the Olympics happened but forgot the athlete. It is only then fuzzy.

Ayaz goes on to say that think of the first Youth Olympics and after that the Olympics.

Anyway, the Olympics hosted by the year 2028 have been decided.
It is not bad for the players to get a silver medal in small sports fairs. But I wish some drops of this rain fall on the burning sand of preparations in which the players get scorched, hardly anyone would object to getting an Olympics.

Actually even then we would believe that now we will see the medal table from above not above

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