Can life be saved by putting another’s Feces into the body?

_100984393_6c36a522-9acd-4f07-8dce-cd1cb06bd6e1.jpgSoul transplant i.e. putting a person’s stool (potty) in the body of another person is probably the most vicious and strange process in medical procedures. Of course, it is also challenging to do the same.

But the question is, why does this happen? Are such patients used to enter the bacteria that benefit in the digestive tract. And it can be life-saving.

This process proves that bacteria have a major role in our body. These are related to the direction and condition of our health.

The bacteria of different species are found in our intestinal world and they all are connected to each other. They also have contact with our tissues. As the rain forest has the role to keep our ecosystem well, the same situation is for our entrails. An ecosystem also works in our entrails so things keep in control.

But colostridium difficile (C.Defysyle) is a bacterium that takes control of our gut. These bacteria attack the person taking antibiotics and may cause stomach problems.

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Will now be closed off the stool from the sky?

In modern times, antibiotics are not less than a miracle, but it can destroy both good and bad bacteria. It works like a wildfire and starts eliminating all the bacteria. As a result, the soil gets ready for the development of C.Defysyle within the stomach.

Bacteria in our body
You are more bacteria than a human – if you count the cells in your body, you will find that you are 43 percent human being.
Apart from this, our bodies contain bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cellular bacteria.
Human genes are directly related to genes and genes are made from DNA. We have 20 thousand genes in our body.
But if it is added to the genes of bacteria found in our body, then this figure can range from about 20 lakhs to 200 lakhs and it is called the second genome.
What will happen if you do not do ‘potty’ for 20 days?

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Transplantation process
On the transition of C. difficile to the person, there may be several stools in the body every day, and occasionally blood stools can occur. Also, there may be stomach ache and fever due to fatal infection.

Among the options available for treatment, the best thing is that anti-biotics, i.e., is like a bad circle that again makes way for C. difficile infection.

Transplant of the stool or say, “Transplant of bacteria present in the stool” can be used to restore good bacteria in the patient’s intestines, which can improve health.

For this purpose, the person’s relative’s stool is usually used. It is believed that they will have the same bactria in their stomach. For this a “sample” is prepared which is mixed in water.

In some other techniques, the stool is mixed with hand while in some cases a blender is used.

It is carried in two ways in the patient’s body, through a mouth or through the anus.

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Its next episode will be broadcast on April 24, it will be re-broadcast on April 30 and it will also be available on BBC iPlayer.

In the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington, USA, microbial ecologist Dr. Gen. Jensen was part of the team who was trying to prove that the stool transplant could work.

His 61-year-old patient was troubled by stomach problems and diarrhea for eight consecutive months, and this resulted in his 27 kg weight loss.

Dr. Jensen says, “He had been disturbed by the infection of C.Defysyle and he had reached the pinnacle of death. There was no antibiotic sir on him.”

In her body, healthy herbs were transplanted from her husband. Dr. Jensen told  that he was surprised at his success.

She says, “After two days, surprisingly, it became normal and her stomach got right. She was cured.”

Tests have shown that this process can be effective up to 90 percent.

With positive results in this technique, some people have got the excitement of trying this process on their own body. In America, groups like OpenByom have been formed, which is a public bank to hold and distribute transplants.

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Transplant the sewage itself

But is there any other medical use for transplanting the stool without the treatment of C.Defysyle?

Almost all diseases are examined in our human body and the relationship between the bacteria present in the body.

Due to C.Defysyle, the intestines can cause swelling, stomach disorders, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Due to this, the effect of the cancer drug may also be reduced and the person may have depression and autism.

But it also means that the results of transplantation of sewage will always be positive.

According to a report in 2015, a woman was transplanted to her daughter’s stool after which she weighed 16 kg and was termed fat.

Transplanting a fat person into a rat can be made thick or twisted. However, there is still no agreement on whether such a result will come in humans or not.

Along with this transplant, there is also a greater risk of transplantation of bacteria causing dangerous disease.

This is the reason why scientists are trying to transplant the combination of bacteria instead of transplanting the stool directly.

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Dr. Trevor Lolli of Wellcome Sanger Institute says future treatments should be more sophisticated and targeted.

He says, “Transplanting of sew is a new kind of process and when you first prepare a medicine, it is important that the patient’s safety be given the first priority.”

“We now know what types of bacteria are put in the body and therefore if you have any mixture that has been proved safe then this problem can be dealt with.”

It may be the future of medicines for bacteria- that is, to recognize the problems caused by bacteria in the human body and then treat it.

Drawing – Katie Horvich

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