You would not know 5 things about Kim Jong Un

_100983274_86de9148-426a-47e9-b2e0-6aaebc64a5ac.jpgKim Jong, the country’s top leader of North Korea, is often seen in newspapers throughout the world, but his private life is still like a mystery to the world.

For example, the world still does not know that Kim Jong-what is the age of them.

But the people fleeing their classmates and North Korea keep important information about their personal life.

Similar information comes out from Kim Jong-five important things about who you probably will not know.

How much does this North Korea know of Kim

North Korea wrapped in darkness and silence

1 – Like prince but lonely life

According to experts, Kim Jong-uni was born between 1982 and 1983. And his childhood is like a prince.

Michael Madden, director of the website, NK Leadership Watch, told the BBC: “He lived in big bungalows, he has lived a luxuriant life but with a kind of loneliness.”
Kim-Jong-his father Kim Jong-ul’s former security guard described this way even while talking to American News Group ABC.

In the year 2017, Lee in Toronto says, “I was very tense, there was no one to play with them, there were all the adults who taught them and played with them.”

The North Korean government has released photographs of Kim Jong-un, who appear in military attire from a very young age, who identify the identity of his post.
Maiden says, “Kim could not contact anyone in his family without his permission, it was a jail or a death, he had to protect the children because he could have been abducted.”

How do people live in North Korea?

2. Studies in Switzerland

Kim Jong-he made his studies from a German school based in the snowy placards of Switzerland.

From 1996 to 2000, Kim Jong-un was educated in Europe. In the beginning he stayed with his aunt, who went to the United States in 1998. And got another name.

During this time Kim survived his life with a surname.
In her interview with The Washington Post, Young Sak said to her aunt, “She was not a child born to problems, but she was irritable and lacked tolerance.”

Those who read with Kim say that they considered him a child of an employee working in the embassy, ​​he was shy but a good friend.

After all, what is the truth about the bending of North Korea?

How do people live in North Korea?

3. The craze for basketball

Marco Imhoff, who plays basketball with Kim Jong-those at a time, says, “He lived mostly like a shy boy but playing basketball, he used to be aggressive but in a positive way.”

Kim used to be a junkie of American basketball player Michael Jordan. And even after becoming North Korea’s supreme leader, his passion for basketball has not diminished.
American player Dennis Roadman has traveled several times to North Korea and the friendship between the two is in the midst of controversy.

Roadman, while talking to Stephen Colbert in a TV show The Late Show, said “I do not understand how people say that this person is crazy. Maybe this is possible, but I do not see it like this. ”

When North Korea knocked the US

Whiskey and Animation films
Kim Jong-his habit of drinking alcohol is also used.

According to the NK Leadership Watch website, Kim Jong-he started drinking alcohol at the age of 15 and also with Johnnie Walker whiskey.

Michael Maiden explains, “This is not unheard of for North Korean people.”

About Kim Jong-nk, the NK Leadership Watch website says that he loves Japanese animation films and likes music from Madonna and Madonna.
It is said that Kim Jong-she’s choice came from her father and elder brother. Kim’s elder brother Kim Jong-Chol was seen during a music concert in London in 2015.

Not only this, Kim Jong-he had learned to play musical instrument from a young age and he played guitar in the best fashion.

5. Kindness of Kim
At a time, a Japanese man, who was cheering at North Korean leader Kim Jong-ul, has highlighted the liberal aspect of Kim Jong-his personality.

Kim Jong-the man who lived for more than a decade with his father left North Korea in 2001.

The man who wrote several books from the nickname Kenji Fujimoto ran away from Japan during a pilgrimage. However, before that he had traveled abroad to buy luxury goods. But after escaping from North Korea, he feared that the North Korean agent would take revenge from him.

Image copywrite images
Image caption
Kim Jong-her father Kim Jong-il’s chef Kanji Fujimoto
But Kim Jong, he showed him a second face of the North Korean government.

This man was quite amazed when he reached Pyongyong on the invitation of Kim Jong-the year 2012.

Kenji says, “I started crying bitterly (when I came to know Kim Jong-them).”

In an interview with the Washington Post, he explains, “I said Kim Jong to him in Korean language – I’m Fujimoto – traitor, I’m back.”

After this the young leader is right, Saying it rightly, they embraced them.

However, many stories of Kenji Fujimoto are questioned, but experts agree on one thing.

And that is the fact that Kenji Fujimoto had told that Kim Jong-he would be the next ruler, he loved his father

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