Why South Korea stopped the false sounding loudspeakers to kim jong un ?

_100989658_9719ba90-551a-4198-9fcb-83a3b46c185a.jpgPrior to this week’s conversation between North and South Korea, Seoul has silenced its loudspeakers on the border.

Both Korean countries have put dozens of loudspeakers on their frontiers, from which everything runs from Korean pop music to news reports that criticize other Korean countries.

These loudspeakers spreading propaganda have been planted so that the people living in the border areas, along with the soldiers from neighboring countries stationed there, can also listen to them.

South Korea said that it closed the loudspeaker on its part on Monday morning. Describing the reasons, North Korea said that this will help in creating the right atmosphere for the dialogue.

South Korea spokeswoman Choi Hoi-Yun said, “The motive of this move is to reduce the tension between the two Koreas and create a peaceful atmosphere for the dialogue. We hope that both Korean countries will criticize each other after this decision and Propaganda will stop spreading, as well as contribute to peace and new initiatives. ”

It is not clear whether North Korea will also stop the propaganda from its part while walking on the leak of a neighboring country, or will continue to propagate stories that criticize South Korea.
These stories are meant to tell people and soldiers of neighboring Korean countries that their country is not giving them the right information.
Loudspeakers are going on-off
This is not the first time that South Korea has banned Progaganda from its side.

The propaganda motive behind the Korean War is to tell the soldiers and people of other Korean countries that their country is misleading them.

Even after the agreement between the two countries in 2004, such publicity was banned.

But in 2015, two South Korean Koreans were hit by the North Korean landmine, after which South Korea started the loudspeakers back.

They were banned once again in the same year, but they were resumed after testing a hydrogen bomb in North Korea in 2016.

This time even South Korea has not cleared that the loudspeakers will be turned back after this visit.
Has changed a bit?
Recently, North Korea had announced to ban its nuclear tests and to close a test center. It is being seen by Kim Jong-un with his meetings with South Korea and the United States.

Kim Jong-she is scheduled to meet South Korean President Moon J. in this Friday.

This visit to Shanthi village of Panamunjom will be the first meeting between the two countries in more than a decade.

Also there is a possibility of meeting Kim Kim, the American President Trump in June. This will be the first meeting between the two leaders.

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