Why do PM Modi repeatedly go to China?

_100989075_gettyimages-842348906.jpgPrime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping are going to have an ‘informal meeting’ on April 27 and 28 in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

It is being seen as the end of the tension in the relations between the two countries after Docmal. It is being said that there will be concrete talks between the two leaders to strengthen relations in this meeting.

India is concerned with China’s growing influence in South Asia. In recent times, there have been many examples of China’s influence in Nepal and Maldives.

On Sunday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj met. Modi had earlier announced a meeting in Wuhan Modi’s fourth visit to China in the last four years.

It seems unusual for many people that when PM Modi has to go to China to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in June, then why are they going now?
It is also being said that in a country, a head of state has been heard very often. Though it is being said about the June Chinese tour that eight countries will be involved in the summit, so she will not get much attention for talks.

Parmesh Pant, an international knowledge expert on PM Modi’s visit to China, says that it is India’s resolve to build a good relationship with China, not China’s, not China’s. Pant says that going for this informal conversation tells us that India has now begun to believe that she is a younger brother in front of China.

It is also being said about this meeting that Modi’s visit was like a visit to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1988, in which Rajiv Gandhi tried to melt the ice that was frozen on the relationship after the 1962 war. Pushpesh Pant says that the Modi government has realized that the line of helplessness or strictness with China is not working.
Pant says, “Modi had left no stone unturned to welcome Shi Jinping’s visit to India. All the efforts failed due to the scandal. Even though in Dokalam, in the TV debate, India said that India pushed China back, but the truth was different.

Our relation with China has been very bad over the past two years. China has disappointed India everywhere. China also disappointed in the case of Pakistan’s terrorists. In such a way, India did not have much choice. ”

The question is, why the informal journey is going on?
Pushpesh Pant says that the informal journey has always been more successful than informal travel. There is no obligation of press conferences in it. Pant says that the land is already prepared for such meetings. China’s Foreign Minister had said that Shi has invited Modi but the Indian Embassy will have been contacted for this.
Pant believes that such an attempt is made in such a way that it seems that there is no uninvited guest. Pant said that your respect is saved in such an endeavor, and the next also invites you. It is said that the land of informal meeting is done in a very formal way. Pant said that we have indicated to China that it is ready to give concession in relationships.

India also stopped the rally organized in Tibet’s exiled Buddhist religion, Dalai Lama, in Delhi. It is also seen as a way to fix relationships with China. The Dalai Lama was about to make a rally on 60 years of his exile.

Last year, between India and China, the military was making a deadlock for 73 days on the Docmal border in Bhutan. Simultaneously, China’s Belt One Road Project is passing through India and this project includes all neighbors and India is fully in the role of viewer.

India says the passing of One Belt One Road in Kashmir is a violation of its sovereignty. Along with this, China is committed to India in the matter of subscribing to the nuclear supplier countries. In the matter of declaring Masuj Azhar a terrorist, China used the veto in the UN.
China can not face India?
Pushpesh Pant says, “You may be a great country lover but it will be a childish act to make India equal to China. China is not only the world’s largest population but it is a permanent member of the Security Council and also has a veto power. He is a country armed with nuclear weapons and thermo nuclei. His technical capacities are more than us. Our economy is at number six and we do not know how much time it will take to reach their economy. We do not stand in front of China in terms of military power. That means there is no equal in China and India, so China’s reluctance to improve relations with China is not of India. ”

Pushpesh Panta says that not only Modi but India, Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi and Vajpayee also tried to make relations normal. Pant says that India will have to go to China and go to China and have good sense in this.

Why did not Pakistan stand with China in the 1962 war?

Are you forgetting to understand China?

So India is so dependent on China.

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