Why do girls goes mad for Milind Soman ?

_100988345_cec8b0a2-5183-4fa9-88ea-acc57ed17a44.jpgAnkita Konwar, 26, has made seven rounds with her erstwhile supermodel, Milind Soman, 52 years old.

Ankita and Milind’s marriage are getting a lot of headlines in the media due to the age-old reason. Prior to becoming Milind’s girlfriend, Ankita was living the common urban girls of the middle class of India.

Milind’s first marriage was with French actress Mellen Jampanoi. In 2006 both of them got separated from marriage.

Ankita was senior Flame attendant in Asia. Ankita completed the first marathon of 10 km with Milind Soman in 2015 and the 10-km race decided to make her run for an all-time race.

Ankita was born in Guwahati town of Assam. Ankita’s father Niranjan Konwar and her mother are Najin Konwar. Ankita also has a sister whose name is Jharna Konwar Baruah.

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Milind Soman taking seven rounds with Ankita Konwar
Age proof
Ankita knows many languages According to the Times of India, they know English, Bengali, Hindi, French and Assamese languages.

Milind Soman is known for his fitness. He is also called ‘Iron Man of India’ about fitness. According to ‘Mumbai Mirror’, Milind Soman starts his day with 501 pushups and on the day of marriage, he did the same.

Milind also chose the date of marriage as 22 April means Earth Day.

Milind Soman has also faced questions about the gap in age. In the interview given to Telegraph, Milind Soman said about the age of Ankita, “Before that, my girlfriends Sheena Goswami’s age was also 21 years younger than me.

Then the people did not worry so much. I feel that social media has more in circulation now. Even before this my relationship has been something similar. Even when I got married to Milen, that too was 18 years younger than me. ”
How did Milind Soman meet Ankit?
Milind Soman has said in this interview that, “I met at a nightclub in Chennai. I never go to the nightclub, but it was a coincidence that I was there. She was dancing with someone. Suddenly I saw him and I got a wish. I thought who this is! I gave him my number and said that if you would like to call then call me. He called me the next day and then we both started talking. This is a matter of February 2014. Then he was working for Air Asia. Because of his arrival in Mumbai, he quit his job because there is no base for Air Asia in Mumbai. ”

Milind is Marathi and Ankita Assamese. Milind also admits that many things are different in both, including a Generation Gap. Although they believe that apart from age and terrain the human nature does not change.

Milind has said in this interview that he had done a lot of dates before and there were different areas of the country. Milind said that he had a great relationship with everyone.
What Milind Attracts What

Milind says that dreams and cities keep changing. All former girlfriends are married. Some have children, but Milind says that they have good connections with everyone even today. Milind says that he started dating the girls from the age of 14.

Milind Soman can be jealous of today’s youth why they like so many girls. When the Telegraph asked him the same question last month, he laughed that he was a happy person.

Milind said that he did not have any bitterness with anyone. If it happened with one or two then it got better afterwards. Milind says that people’s journey in their life has never stopped.

Ankita has now become Milind’s wife, but both of them now run together. Milind says that both of them started running together two years ago and now Ankita runs regularly.
In March, Ankita completed 150km race from Visakhapatnam in Hyderabad. Milind says that Ankita too is very cautious about her fitness and diet.

Milind says that there is a rule of love that spaces are given to each other and there are rules for living of every human being.

How long will this marriage of Milind Soman? Milind Soman says he does not know. Milind says that ‘if you want a good and long relationship, then it is very important for each other to own and space for their dreams.’
Milind Soman says that he has no friends in Bollywood. They just work. Although Milind likes Naseeruddin Shah

According to Milind, there is innumerable talent in Nasir. Milind falls asleep at 11 o’clock in the night and wakes up between five to six in the morning. They leave for running at 7 o’clock. Milind has now decided to run for life with Ankita, but how long will the race continue? This is a question hidden in future prospects.

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