Why are the Wicked person of Jharkhand want to become tribals?

_100987716_mediaitem100987715.jpgFor the demand to be included in the list of tribals, the movement of Wicked person  community in Jharkhand is increasingly taking hold. Several organizations, including the ‘Wicked person development rally’ have called on Jharkhand bandh on Monday for the same issue. The front claim that the shutdown will be effective.

On Sunday evening, a large number of youths and women took out a torch procession in the state’s second district headquarters, including the capital Ranchi and shouted slogans.

Earlier in January, there was a large number of families in the rally held in Ranchi under the banner of the front. At the same rally, several opposition leaders from the Kurmi community were also involved in the opposition.

Tribal organizations and other communities are also engaged in a large scale confrontation against this demand of the Karmis / puddles.

Actually, besides the Karmis in Jharkhand, the people of Teli have also been raising the voice of Scheduled Tribes.

So there is a continuation of rallies, meetings, protests and processions. At the same time, dozens of leaders of the Opposition have started joining the party over this issue.

Recently, 42 MLAs and two MPs (Power-Opposition) of the state have handed over a letter to the Chief Minister and emphasized the need for making the necessary initiatives to include the Kurmi / Kudmi community in the scheduled tribe list.

While tribal organizations and their representatives have been directly opposing these efforts.

What is the argument of the Kurmi community

Sushil Ohdar, Union President of Kurmi Vikas Morcha, says that in the rally held in January, the Karmis had warned the government that in the meeting of the State Council of Ministers, the matter should be forwarded to the central government for further action, But the government did not take any initiative. So Jharkhand had to call off. ‘
Rally is doing Kurmi
His emphasis is that by the year 1931 Kurmi / Kudi was included in tribal list, which was later removed. Those people want their rights and rights. This is the reason why women are now coming out on the streets with their demands.

Political significance
Om Prakash Mahato, media in-charge of Kurmi Vikas Morcha, says that the government should show seriousness on this issue, otherwise the people will take an economic blockade and stop mining out of the state.

It is important to note that there are about sixteen percent of the Kurmi / Kudmi community in Jharkhand and they have also been in power both politically and socially.

Knowledgeable believe that this may be a major reason that the Kurmi leaders of the opposition and the opposition have started to raise voice on this demand and are joining rallies and assemblies. In the rally organized in January, the meaning of the involvement of many big leaders was being put out.

However, the central secretary of Kurmi Vikas Morcha Rampodo Mahato says that political parties have done the job of cheating the community. Therefore, they are ready to fight for cross-border.

It is to be noted that in the 81-member Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, eight legislators of Kurmi community had won the elections in 2014, while in the 14 Lok Sabha seats, two MPs from BJP won the elections, respectively Ramlahal Chaudhary and Ayodhya Mahato.

Among the legislators, Chandrashekhar Chaudhary of Ajasu Party is currently a minister in the government and he has also been advocating to include Kurmi as a tribal.
Tribal youth
Tribal protest
However, even after the Karmis rally in January, the ears of the tribal groups were also raised and on 10 March, several tribal organizations including ‘Adivasi Yuva Shakti’ raised an outrage rally in Ranchi, and there was no doubt that any such attempt was not successful. .

Representatives of tribal organizations have a strong emphasis on the reservation of the tribes on the reservation given to the tribes. In Jharkhand, 28 Assembly seats and four seats of Lok Sabha are reserved for tribals.

Adivasis get 26 percent reservation while Kurmi is included in the Backward Classes, this class gets 14 percent reservation. Also among the backward classes there are many other castes.

Premshahi Munda, Union Convenor of Adivasi Jan Parishad, says that “Karmis were ever seen demanding Sarna code, while tribals in Jharkhand have been agitating for a long time demanding this code. Through this code, Sarna wants to register columns in the tribal census, so that their identity can be protected separately.

Premshahi Munda insists that ‘social relations of tribals have been good with the Karmis, but their demand behind this demand is a straight look at reservation. And this will not allow tribal to succeed. ‘

Shiva Kachch says that ‘Adivasis have been struggling against the government’s policy and the right to get entitlement and now we are being hurt due to this issue.’

Representatives like young tribal organizations Sanjay Pahan, Shashi Panna say that tribals are aggrieved by these demands of the people who have been agitating for decades, water, forest, and land for the question of land. It is an attempt to break the constitutional rights directly and indirectly.

Therefore tribal organizations have protested against the submission of letters to 42 Chief Minister by the 42 MLAs.
Tribals do not tolerate burglary in reservation
Rally rate rally
Preparations for the wrestling of poodles are going on in Ranchi on April 29. It is being invited to join the leaders of all the parties.

While BJP MP Ramtahal Chaudhary, Vidya Verma and leaders like former MP Shailendra Mahato are busy in trying to make this mobilization effective.

Rajaram Mahato, who is involved in this preparation, says that this demand has now embraced the movement of mass movement. He says that only after becoming a tribal of Kundi, Jharkhand will be able to join the sixth schedule. His emphasis is that the Kudmi and Adivasis of Jharkhand are socially interconnected.

But tribals are not sure about these things and they do not even have a coincidence. Therefore, before the Kudmi Mahajutan on April 29, 32 tribal caste coordination committee has announced a rally in Ranchi. Former Minister Devkumra Paddy says that before the government takes any step, understand the spirit of tribals.

In these circumstances, political experts are not denying that the people of the parties will not leave any stone unturned on this issue in their own elections. Whereas these demands and protests make a new twist, it can be seen ahead

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