What is the reason for the impeachment’s notice being dismissed?

_100989069_5b81dff9-0284-4e48-b709-fefad4b2125b.jpgThe impeachment notice of the opposition against Justice Dipak Misra, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, has been dismissed by Vice President and Rajya Sabha Speaker Venkaiah Naidu.

It is being said that Vice President Naidu has dismissed it due to lack of strong base in the technical basis and arguments given for it. Seven parties, including the Congress, had given the impeachment notice.

71 MPs of seven opposition parties signed the impeachment notice. There is also a matter of signing of seven retired MPs. Although the signature of the seven MPs was invalid, it was necessary to support the MPs because the signatures of more than 50 MPs are mandatory. But no such decision on such a proposal is in the discretion of the President.

The Government had already believed that the opposition did not have any strong ground for this step, and in the Rajya Sabha it does not have enough MPs.

According to the news agency PTI, Naidu had also contacted former Lok Sabha Secretary Subhash Kashyap in this case. Subhash Kashyap told the BBC that the notice of the opposition has been dismissed by the Vice President. He said that this notice was inspired by politics and hence was not accepted.
What is the logical basis
Kashyap says that “Signing only important MPs is not the only condition, but there should also be strong logical support to accept the notice.” He said that the Vice-President, on the basis of his discretion, decides whether the notice is inspired by politics.

Former Law Minister Shanti Bhushan filed a petition against Chief Justice Deepak Mishra. Shanti Bhushan filed a petition against Deepak Mishra for discriminating against the allocation of cases in the Supreme Court. The petition states that discriminatory and nepotism in the benches that are allocated for the trial of the cases in the Supreme Court.

It was being said that the issue is just that the notice of the opposition is dismissed. It was also said that even if this notice of the opposition is not accepted, it would be unusual in itself.

Lawmakers say that there are four such instances in history, when the impeachment notice was given against the Supreme Court or High Court judges, they were accepted. Prior to forming a panel in five out of these 6 cases, the judge had ‘amended’ his decision.

In 1970, the impeachment notice was dismissed only once. Then the Chief Justice was able to reach the Speaker and explain that the matter is not serious

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