What bid is Rae Bareli on Amit Shah’s rally ?

_100980917_eef84a46-0044-4282-9f6f-c976da618368.jpgWhen Amit Shah National President of BJP in GIC Ground of Rae Bareli on Saturday, he came to the stage with conch sound and recitation of Ved Mantras.

Amit Shah also gave his speech in Rae Bareli, called the Congress stronghold, in the language of “victory”, on a fervent era of Congress and announced that now Rae Bareli will also be developed.

Dinesh Pratap Singh, who was the convenor of the entire program, was in the Congress for a while and was a member of the Legislative Council from the Congress Party. He organized this change resolution rally to join the BJP in the house.

In the presence of BJP’s national president Amit Shah, Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi, BJP’s state president, Mahendra Nath Pandey and few dozen ministers, Dinesh Singh clarified that he had not been called by the BJP but he himself went on the doorstep of Amit Shah.
Although the announcement continued on the platform that ‘Panchavati’ of Rae Bareli has now quit Congress and joined BJP as ‘Bhagwam’, but despite such a huge system, ‘Panchavati’ was not completely ‘saffronised’ and this The reason is that this ‘triumphant price’ of BJP is being questioned not only in political corridors but also by some people questioning the seriousness of the claim of ‘collapse of Congress’. Not.

Trying to break into the Congress stronghold
Indeed, Dinesh Pratap Singh has five brothers and in Rae Bareli his house is known as Panchavati. All the brothers are basically engaged in a variety of occupations and some have come to business through business.

Dinesh Singh is his own MLC while his brother Avdesh Singh is the district panchayat president and a brother Rakesh Singh is MLA from the Harchandpur assembly constituency of Rae Bareli district from the Congress party.
Rakesh Singh did not appear on the stage on Saturday, neither with the BJP leaders nor did he quit the Congress party and joined BJP.

Rakesh Singh is reluctant to talk about anything, but the experts say that Rakesh Singh has not joined BJP so that his legislature remains persisted.

Madhav Singh, a journalist from Rae Bareli district, points out that how well it is difficult for them to quit the assembly seat and then win the election again and then winning it, this whole Panchavati knows well enough.

Madhav Singh explains, “In the Modi wave, Sonia Gandhi won this seat with an overwhelming majority and in the assembly elections, two Congress and one SP from the six seats won while the Congress and the SP were alliances. Congress candidates were on second place in two seats and lost by a very small margin. BJP won only three seats in the assembly from here, while both of them were in the BJP in UP. So far was the best. ”
Rae Bareli district Congress President VK Shukla
In Rae Bareli, it is revealed in the interaction with the common people that Dinesh Singh has lived in SP and BSP, but the Legislative Council has reached the support of the Congress party.

An elderly Ram Dayal, who came to the rally, explains, “They are saying even today that the Congress party has not given them anything, but they have given to the Congress only, but the legislatures are only available when the Congress comes in. In SP-BSP Yes, now there must have been some big hopes in the BJP. ”

As far as the BJP claims to make Rae Bareli ‘free from Congress’, the experts say that politically Rae Bareli is known for either the Gandhi family or for a long time due to the Akhilesh Singh, a legislator who is the MLA. Akhilesh Singh’s daughter Aditi Singh is currently the legislator of the Congress party from Sadar seat.

A restaurant operator located in Civil Lines, explains, “To win Akhilesh Singh or his daughter, there is no need for Congress, neither SP, nor BSP nor BJP. But if they are in any party then at least in Rae Bareli Secondly, people of Rae Bareli will forget the Congress party’s contribution so soon, it does not seem like that. ”
State hot
In the rally, a BJP leader Vinay Mishra claims in the interview, “The Congress party has not done anything in the name of development, always its big leaders have won here but this area is still backward, hence the people are now going to the BJP. Going. ”

But a villager says, “I do not have Aisan.” Many people have given Rae Bareli and Amethi to these people, now it is a different matter that where they are going. ”

There are only two members of Congress in Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council. One was Dinesh Singh and in the other neighborhood there was Deepak Singh from Amethi-Sultanpur area. Deepak Singh has challenged Dinesh Singh to leave the Legislative Council membership and warned against action against him as well as taking action against him.

In the political circles where Dinesh Singh’s family was involved in the BJP and the loss of losses due to the Congress and the BJP, there was a few hundred meters away from the GIC Ground, in the Congress office of the Congress, be celebrated with these slogans. The Congress’ garbage was clear.
When asked, District Congress Committee president VK Shukla points out, “The common workers of the Congress are distributing sweets happily from them but you will see how long they live in BJP.

In BJP, Dinesh Singh is just going to get CISF protection, whose benefits can be bought in his business. ”

Although two days ago, Dinesh Singh had told the reason for the disillusionment with the Congress party that Priyanka Gandhi did not give him the ticket, but VK Shukla says that “Dinesh Singh is not such a big leader in Rae Bareli, to whom this kind of dialogue of Priyanka Gandhi Ho.’

VK Shukla says that Dinesh Singh was suspended from Congress even a year ago because he had allegedly beaten up a district panchayat member of the party, but subsequently warned by the intervention of senior leaders The suspension that had been withdrawn was withdrawn.

Yogesh Mishra, senior journalist in Lucknow, says that how much election benefits of BJP’s Dinesh Singh’s family in the Lok Sabha elections or in the forthcoming assembly elections will be known only in the elections but to fulfill their ‘needs’ for BJP Will not be easy.

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