The first goal is to remove BJP from power in 2019: Sitaram Yechury


In the 22nd session of Communist Party Marxist (CPIM), running in Telangana, Hyderabad, the party’s senior leader Sitaram Yechury has again elected his general secretary.

17 members of the party’s Politburo and 95-member E-Central Committee have been formed in the session.

Pratish Karat remained in the post for the first nine years before becoming the General Secretary of the 66-year-old Sitaram Yechury in 2015.

The present situation of the party in the country is not very good, the party’s government in Tripura is no longer there and in many states the party has to face the challenge.
Yechury says, “There are big challenges in front of the party, not just in front of the party, but in the recent times we need to improve base for improving our lost lives.”

“We will have to strengthen the party independently and it will be our priority here. We have to strengthen our engagement with the people by mobilizing people’s movement on the basis of this.”

Is there a mood to co-align with CPIM-Congress?

Sitaram Yechury says that “circumstances are not the same in different provinces of the country nor the issues are the same, that is why there is a scope for separate coalitions in different provinces.”


Sitaram Yechury

Replying to @SitaramYechury
The main task today is to defeat the BJP government and for that, all necessary measures will be undertaken by the party, all across the country.

2:44 pm – 22 April 2018
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He says, “The coalition parties have come after the election after winning the elections, after the elections, the UPA formed after the elections in 2004, the United Front Front in 1996. After this election, we also understand that the same process will happen.”

“It is not that there will be an alliance with the same party and it will depend on the state and the situation of the country. In many provinces like Uttar Pradesh where there is no Congress base, there is no point in combating them.”

Yechury says, “Our first goal in the 2019 elections is to remove the power of RSS and BJP, we understand that the people of the country and this is mandatory for unity and integrity.”
Yachuri’s so far travel

Born in Chennai, Yechury’s childhood was spent in Hyderabad. In 1974, he stepped in politics and became a member of the Student Federation of India.

In 1975, he was associated with CPIM. Many of the leaders arrested during the Emergency also include their names.

In 1984, Yechury was elected to the Central Committee of the party. After this he was elected a member of Political Bureau of the party during the 14th session.

Yechury was elected the fifth general secretary of the uncontested party at the party’s 21st session in Visakhapatnam in 2015.

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