Syria: The investigation team arrived at the place of chemical attack


At the place of alleged chemical attack in Duma near the capital Damascus in Syria, ultimately experts from international chemical weapons have reached and they have taken the place of the spot.

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has collected samples and other evidence from there in the Duma of Syria.

Duma is currently in control of Syria and Russia, and both have denied using any kind of chemical weapons.

It is being reported that more than 40 people died in the chemical attack on April 7. While making the issue of these alleged chemical attacks, many times the discussions and accusations of the United Nations Security Council were followed, after which the United States, France and Britain fired missiles on Syria.

In Syria, where did the three missile missile missiles?

After all, how dangerous are chemical weapons
OPCW has said in a press release that their team inspected the place of attack and samples collected were sent to their lab present in The Hague’s Resistance for investigation.

OPCW has said that the investigators have gathered some other things from the attack site.

A ITV correspondent made the video of OPCW’s team go back to Damascus from Duma.

The Russian Foreign Minister gave the guarantee on Syria

These 7 big questions related to the attack on Syria


Dan Rivers

OPCW arrives back in Damascus after getting into attack Douma today to investigate chemical attack #Syria #OPCW

7:16 pm – 21 April 2018
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For the past week, nine members of the OPCW investigation team in Damascus was waiting for Duma to go to the site of the attack.

The team was scheduled to visit the area last Wednesday, but on Tuesday, the tour was postponed after the attack on a UN team that went to see the situation.

Western officials say that they fear that evidence may have been tampered with at the place of chemical attack.

What’s going on in the ground-a-war in Syria
Bullet proof jackets and helmets have been kept in OPCW’s office in The Hague, which is used for such visits
Duma has been in the center of the attack for some time since. Until recently, Syrian forces in support of Russia were attacked to remove rebels in Duma near Damascus. There are still buildings lying in the wreckage of buildings, and this is why there is no vacancy in danger.

Following an April 7 agreement with the Russian army, the rebels decided to step out of here.

Although it is suspected that efforts can be made to eradicate forensic evidence of chemical weapons here, but many foreign journalists have already visited this city.

‘Cold War return with a sense of retaliation’

‘Syria can make war conditions with the USA’


Investigation of chemical attack
The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement alleging OPCW has been delaying sending the investigation team in place of the alleged assault.

Russia has demanded that “investigate the matter with maximum fairness” and demand its “report” as soon as possible.

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