Suicide bomber kills 52 in Kabul


In Kabul, Kabul, a suicide bomber killed 52 people in a voter registration center.

Among the dead are 21 women and five children. In this blast, 112 people were injured in people waiting for their turn to register outside the polling station.

Kathis Islamic extremist group Islamic State Group has said in its news agency Amak, that they have accomplished this blast.
Voter registration work started this month for elections to be held in Afghanistan in October.

It is said in the report of Amak that suicide bombers, wearing bombs armed with bombs, exploded in West Kabul’s Barache area.

Photos of the scene showed blood stains on documents and photographs on the ground.

At the same time, shoes and glass pieces can be seen at the spot. And there are holes in the parked cars nearby.
Eyewitness account of this blast, Bashir Ahmed, says that most of the dead are women and children who came here to register their ID cards.

At least four such centers have been attacked so far in the process of registration that started a week ago.

The Sunday attack was the most dangerous attack since the attack in the diplomatic area.

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